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RV Sales Maximizer Sessions

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RV Sales Maximizer – Intermediate & Advanced One-on-One Sessions

“Robust RV sales come as a direct result of ‘excellence’ in RV marketing. And, RVT’s all about helping Dealers connect with Buyers through marketing RVs – with excellence.”
Shawn Friesen, Sr. VP

The “Competitive Edge” RV Sellers Need…
Marketing RVs – if you want to be competitive, effective & successful – is a complex and rapidly changing environment. In fact, as many dealers acknowledge, it can be tough to keep up with the latest advances in Digital Marketing tools, tactics, techniques (and even the terminology!)

ENTER:’s RV Sales Maximizer –
Intermediate & Advanced Sessions

“The Sessions” are professional consultations available at no-cost to all Dealer customers. Intermediate or Advanced, there’s a “Session” that’s helpful for all RV Digital Marketers. Together with Dealer Principals and/or Staff, our professional RV Digital Marketing Consultants help you assess your current digital footprint (on RVT and beyond) and then help optimize it.

I. RV Sales Maximizer Sessions – Intermediate

  • Make sure you cover your basics
  • Assess and Fine Tune your current advertising on


  • How to create RV listings that convert to sales
  • “Bad Data” is costing you sales! Analyze (and permanently fix) the quality of your RV inventory data.
    • Photos – No., quality
    • RV Video
    • Google hates “duplicate content!” – What you can do about it.
  • De-bunk some “Old School” beliefs that are likely COSTING you leads.
  • Simple “settings tweaks” to your Account that stimulate more buyers to call, email and visit you.

II. RV Sales Maximizer Sessions – Advanced

RV marketing (and sales!) is all about getting more buyers to “open up” and look at your listings. Experts say…

“Back in the day, we based our ROI on the number of form leads we received. Now, our goal is to get as many VDP views (Vehicle Detail Page views – a.k.a. RV Detail Page views)… as possible.”
Trent Waybright, Ft. Wayne, IN dealership group.

In fact, the more buyers who view any specific RV listing – and the more time they spend looking at that listing – the more likely that RV is to sell.

That’s why your RV Sales Maximizer Session – Advanced shows you how to get more RV shoppers to look at YOUR listings.

You will…

  • Learn how you can “butt in” ahead of your competition and get more RVDP views to your units when you “Feature” certain RVs to buyers more prominently – in your Region or even buyers Nation-Wide.
  • Consider different target audiences: Buyers who hit your website VS. Buyers who hit Are they 2 separate — yet equally viable — markets of buyers?
  • Explore techniques known to drive buyer views to your listings using Display Advertising opportunities ON the pages of – where millions of RV consumers shop.
  • Understand how to run Digital Ads (to the RVT buyer audience) which appear OFF of (Re-Marketing)
  • Why using multiple, different creatives when re-targeting buyers gets you more clicks (and RV sales!)
  • See Case Studies about individual RV shoppers being served crazy-effective Digital Ads which are created “dynamically,” on-the-fly using YOUR actual inventory!
  • See actual click through (CTR) stats when each dynamic ad is automatically designed using exactly the same RV(s) which each individual buyer has actually viewed. Powerful! (Dynamic ReMarketing)
  • Programmatic – Direct, Premium, Automated Guaranteed, Preferred Deals
  • Explore your options: Dynamic creative VS. Custom, branded creative about your dealership, your Specials, your Promotions and the benefits of dealing with you.

Vehicle Detail Page views “are the Holy Grail of efficient Digital Marketing.”
Dean Evans, CEO of LotLinx

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By applying just a few tweaks offered by Chris Mapson of RVT we were able to increase “ALL” of our stats. In doing so it didn’t take long to see the traffic increase both on RVT and our website.
Chris Hall, MB Thomas RV Sales, St Louis MO

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…am writing today to complement RVT for their tremendous advertising service. The current market is incredibly competitive, money is tight and financing is tougher than it has ever been. Every business needs an advertising ally and RVT has stepped up to the plate to help my RV Wheelator™ business every time I needed them. Chris and Kathy listen closely to my needs and put together a campaign that is affordable and it improves my sales and listings. Thanks RVT, I appreciate your advertising ideas.
Deryle Jensen,™
Holiday RV has had great success with the banner ad program from RVT. I can directly relate 2 sales in the last month to leads I received from RVT and the banner ads! For a minimal investment, I am receiving great exposure on the internet, and, in this age of the internet, I strongly believe that is what business is all about.
Dara S. Kort, General Manager, Holiday RV
Chris Mapson the RV Sales Maximization Specialist with RVT has been very helpful. When I call him with any questions or advise on how to improve our website, newsletter and or facebook, he is always willing to take the time to show me new and creative ways to boost our presence online! What a great service RVT provides for their dealers that goes beyond what is expected. With this service you will receive great advise at no additional cost.
Carol Behrens, Floyd’s RVs
We have used and continue to use several 3rd party RV Listing sites, but nobody – NOBODY matches the customer service speed & grace of RVT. I was immediately impressed when Chris Mapson of RVT went out of his way one day to look through my listings & call to share with us a few quick and easy changes we could make to improve the quality of our ads to generate more opportunities to earn a customer’s business. Or clickthru rate from RVT doubled almost overnight.

The additional benefits RVT offers such as the reporting options have been invaluable in helping our business discover areas in which we were deficient & able to find further growth. It was with these tools we were able to forge our best year in sales EVER in 2013. We’re currently projecting an additional 20% growth over our 2013 figures thanks in part to our use of the RVT service.
Josh Winters, Haylett RV