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Why Dealers Like to
Really “Go After” the Audience…

“It’s interesting… Your inventory can get more buyer views on than on your own Website.”

Mike MasonMike Mason
East Rep

So, What Exactly is
Dynamic ReMarketing of the Audience?

“Dynamic ReMarketing takes’s RV shopper Audience and shows individual consumer buyers specifically designed digital ads – ads that show Buyers your inventory units which precisely match each buyer’s search.”

Chris MapsonChris Mapson
Optimization Specialist

Can You Guarantee Performance?

“Basically, in RV sales, if buyers don’t view your Listings, you don’t get Leads. But, this Dynamic ReMarketing is so powerful, actually GUARANTEES you an additional 2,000 or 4,000 buyers will shop your units – every month guaranteed.”

Mike DelepineMike Delepine
West Rep

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“Sure. When you buy Dynamic ReMarketing we’ll give you thousands of extra impressions to Buyers through our Dynamic Native Super Adss and Native Super Skyscraper Ads – at no cost until Mar. 1/19. This helps your units dominate Search AND ‘stay with’ individual buyers after they leave”

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Winter On Us
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