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1981 MCI MC-9 for sale - Florence, OR

$159,500 $125,000 USD - Negotiable
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FOR SALE: Price Reduced by $34,000.00 From Original Asking Price. Seller is Motivated To Find A New Home For His Motor Coach. MAKE AND OFFER!!!
Class A - Diesel / Florence, OR

Check out the new video added for this Motor Coach, after we finished up with the outside detailing. It has obviously been repainted by someone who produced high quality professional work.

The Beige color is easy to keep clean and the paint quality, and multiple application, along with clear coating, provide for a tough resistant surface that will hold up on the road for many years.

the Stainless Steel Compartment surface is also in excellent condition and polishes up to a mirror like shine, without too much arm grease. The polished aluminum wheels also polish up and hold a mirror like shine as well.

We realize that this is a rare bird and that it will be sold to the person who really understands what they are getting. We have provided many photos for your review. There is a photo library provided to me by the Owner who is a professional photographer in his own right, that I will post as soon as they are received.

The layout inside the coach is practical and beautiful at the same time. The front living area is complete with a sofa sleeper, and upholstered seating, with both the drivers and passengers seats capable of turning 360 degrees and privacy curtains that transition the cabin area into an extension of the living room at your destination.
The kitchen and dinning areas are again spacious and elegantly constructed with ample Corian Counter tops, with an abundance of overhead and lower cupboards, cabinets, and drawer spaces, all constructed of real wood and quality hardware.

A microwave oven, traditional propane oven with topside 3 burner stove, an AC 10 Cubic Foot, refrigerator with overhead freezer, and a large double stainless steel kitchen sink, with vege sprayer and water filtration.

From there you enter the bathroom area which provides a toilet in a side room with a sliding door for privacy, a large glassed in, tiled shower stall, that provides plenty of space for those of us who are on the larger size.

The bathroom Vanity is no exception when it comes to beauty and at the same time practicality in its construction and design. Also providing a beautifully tiled counter top with a generous sink and overhead cabinets and mirror, with a multi-bulb lighting array, making shaving and makeup application easier than what is found in most homes.

There is also an All-In- One Washer and Dryer unit installed in the bathroom area, and is a model and design that has very high ratings from it's owners, in regards to its performance and durability. It is tastefully mounted inside a closet space and is vented externally to prevent any condensation from collecting inside the compartment, when in use.

Enter the bedroom which also has its own door, as does the bathroom and the toilet area, which provides for plenty of privacy. A large queen size bed awaits you, with an array of cabinets and drawers throughout the bedroom, overhead of the bed, side tables, and large drawers on both sides of the foot of the bed.

There is a Digital Television installed and is wired into the overhead KingDome Satellite System, which automatically locks in on the satellites, compatible with either Dish or Direct TV receivers. Once its setup all you need to do is turn on your TV, pick a channel and the dish will do the rest. There is also a digital television in the main living area overhead the drivers seat. A large screen mount will allow you to upgrade to just about any size TV you want, and will allow you to adjust it to your preferences.

This MCI Bus easily compares to the nicest Diesel Pushers on the roads of the country today.
Fully converted with only 29000 recorded miles on the
open road to date.

I would hope that I've relayed the overall quality of construction, both inside and out, that was involved in the production of this Motor Coach..

It's not difficult to see why these MCI-9 Motor Coaches are so highly sought after by RV'rs who understand the benefits of high quality construction materials and craftsmanship. Companies like Bluebird, historically have paid their employees well and provided benefits for them and their families.

That dedication to their employees has earned that same level of dedication from their employees, who have worked their entire career with Bluebird. That is why, in my opinion, an opinion that is widely shared, Bluebird has been able to consistently maintain production of such high quality product lines.

As it has been explained to me, The Tag Axle provides a super smooth ride, and also provides better weight distribution, overall control and handling on the open road.

There is a diesel powered Northern Lights, generator, that works in unison with the 2000 watt Inverter system, and an exceptional Dual 8D DC Battery storage and supply.

This system,will provide you with more than ample AC and DC power for all your needs.

I would be preaching to the choir in trying to fully describe the values of this machine. I've leaned from past sales experiences, that most of my inquiries will come from folks who already know more than I ever will about the MCI Motor Coaches than I ever will, and have generally been watching for the right one to show up.

A lot of what I'm sharing in this presentation is for those of you that might not be fully appraised of this RV, but for whatever reasons are considering purchasing one.

Having completed some independent investigating or Due Diligents, in order to better represent the sale of this RV, and to help establish it's fair market value, in listing it for sale.

The Consignor had already completed it's value assessment prior to asking me to provide that service for him. We both had found that an MCI 9 Motor Coach, in near same condition as this one, not only what other sellers were asking similar Coaches, but most importantly what buyers were actually paying for them.
My Goal here at Florence RV Consignment has always try and provide both our sellers and our buyers with the best deals possible. You will discover, as we have, that this MCI 9 Motor Coach, in near same condition, with near same amenities and add on amenities, are commonly listed for between $150,000.00 and $190,000.00.

With that in mind we have elected to list our MCI Motor Coach for $125,000.00 OBO. We originally had elected to list it for $159,000.00 OBO, A short while later we reduced our asking price to $139,999.00.
We continued to research the marketplace, and found that the majority had sold for around $125,000.00 that were listed at the higher figures and included OBO (Or Best Offer) in their presentations. .
The seller is motivated to find a buyer, and after some further discussion, I was instructed to reduce the asking price to the price currently listed and to contact him with any serious offers, (Or Best Offers) that were submitted, and that he would give them some serious consideration.

Price History

Original Price$159,500
Listed Price$139,500(-20,000)
ReducedMay 17/2019$125,000(-14,500)
Total Price Change:-$34,500

Excluding price changes of less than $100.

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