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RV Rentals: How It Works

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Need a compact folding trailer? Or a roomy Country Coach? We have thousands of Rental RVs to choose from. Search our rental inventory and filter by location, features and RV types to find the perfect RV for you.

Make a Reservation

Request the RV you’d like to take on your next road trip; it takes less than a minute to email the dealer or owner. When it’s time for your trip, simply meet the dealer or owner to pick up your keys.

Hit the Road

Schedule the RV pickup. Have a safe and fun trip! Our partner RVShare has you covered with protection options.

Refill, return and repeat!

At the end of your trip, fill up any gas you used, and then return your RV to its home.

Why rent with us?

  • Free Access to thousands of RVs.You pay only when you rent a RV – not for being a member of
  • Smart Savings. The average RV owner spends $715 a month on his or her RV. Try paying for it only when you need it, with great RVs starting at just $100/day.
  • Secure Payments. Every rental booked through our partner RVshare’s secure payment system is backed by a $10,000 peace of mind guarantee.
  • Roadside Assistance. Rent an RV online through us and get FREE 24/7 roadside assistance for your entire trip.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Renting an RV Works
  2. Owner Response Time
  3. No Response From the Owner
  4. Dates & Location Set - Next Step
  5. Prepaid Booking Request Expiration
  6. Changing Rental Dates
  7. Communicating With RV Owner
  8. Roadside Assistance Program
  9. Benefits of Renting with
  10. Leaving RV Rental Reviews
  11. Booking One Way Rentals
  12. Viewing Reservation Details
  13. RV is Unavailable - Next Step
  14. Update Payment Method
  15. Mileage Fees
  16. Insurance for International Travelers
  17. “Payment Request Expired” Message
  18. Security/Damage Deposit Refunds
  19. I Still Have Questions

How Renting an RV Works

We have partnered with RVshare, the world’s largest peer-to-peer to RV rental marketplace. RV owners across the country list their RVs on RVshare for you to rent, and all of those RV rentals are available here on Simply search in the area where you wish to rent an RV, click on specific RVs that interest you, and message the owners.

The RV owners will then message you back through the secure messaging system (found in your RVshare Inbox), and work out the details with you.

Once all of the details are worked out, the RV owner will send you a payment request and you can finalize the booking.

Owner Response Time

Most owners respond within 24 hours. We recommend giving the owner a few days to respond to your inquiry. Sometimes things come up or the owner might be on a different schedule from you.

No Response From the Owner

While it is rare, RV owners sometimes forget to respond to an inquiry. If this happens to you, you should login to your RVshare dashboard, click into your Inbox, and send the owner a reminder message.

If after several days you still do not receive a response, you should search again and inquire on a different RV that suits your needs.

Dates & Location Set - Next Step

If you already know the details of your trip, all you need to do is use our search tool to find RVs that match your criteria. You can search and filter by dates, RV type, and several other criteria.

Once you find a few RVs that will work for you, click into the listing and inquire with the owner by completing the Contact RV Owner form.

Prepaid Booking Request Expiration

Prepaid booking requests expire after 24 hours. If after 24 hours your request has not been accepted, we recommend that you login to your RVshare dashboard and send the owner a reminder message to let them know you are still interested.

We also recommend that you search again and inquire on a few other RVs to provide yourself with more options.

Changing Rental Dates

Requires an account.

If you have sent a request but now need to change the dates, simply login to your RVshare dashboard and message the owner with the requested date changes.

They will then be able to send you an updated quote.

Communicating With RV Owner

Requires an account.

To communicate with with an RV owner you must first inquire on their listing. Once you have inquired on a specific listing, all additional communication with the owner will take place through the inbox in your RVshare dashboard.

Roadside Assistance Program

Requires an account.

Once you successfully book a rental, RVshare will email you your free 24/7 roadside assistance membership card. This membership card will contain your membership ID, 24/7 support phone number, and a 24/7 support email address. You can either print out this card or save it to your SmartPhone or Tablet.

Benefits of Renting with

Renting an RV through us can be highly beneficial in many ways. Here are just a few reasons why renting a unit through a private owner on our site can be the best option:

  • Our partner RVshare is almost guaranteed to have a much larger selection of RVs to choose from than any dealer or company in your desired rental area.
  • RVshare provides a competitive marketplace that allows private owners to compete for rentals, which largely benefits you, the renter, in terms of the price you’ll pay for an RV.
  • RVshare provides you with comprehensive fraud protection with our secured payment processing system, as well as free 24/7 roadside assistance anytime you book a rental.
  • RVshare’s inventory consists of RVs that are owned by everyday people like you and I, meaning that the units are almost always well cared for and dependable. Our owners take pride in their RVs and love being able to provide the experience of an RV vacation or trip for a private renter. It is truly a rewarding process for both parties.

Leaving RV Rental Reviews

Requires an account.

To leave review for a completed rental, simply login to and go to your inbox. You will want to find the conversation with the owner you rented with and click into it. You can then click the "Leave A Review" button to leave the review.

Booking One Way Rentals

This will be entirely based on the owner or dealer you talk to. Some may be willing to make accommodations. In a forthcoming version of the site you will be able to filter results based on whether or not they allow one way rentals.

Viewing Reservation Details

Requires an account.

Please login at and go to your inbox to view the conversation with the owner you have booked with. Click into the conversation and then click "+View Details" at the top of the conversation to view the reservation details.

RV is Unavailable - Next Step

If it appears that an RV has already been booked for your desired rental dates, we would suggest trying a new search for other RVs in your desired rental location.

Update Payment Method

Requires an account.

To update your payment method, please login at and go to "Account" and "Payment Method" to change the card you have on file with us.

Mileage Fees

This will be determined on an owner to owner basis. Some owners set a daily mileage restriction on their RVs and will calculate the distance traveled once the RV is returned. If a renter goes over this limit, they will be charged accordingly, which is usually by the mile. Some owners offer unlimited miles for the rentals but you will need to ask.

Insurance for International Travelers

We would usually direct renters to secure an insurance binder through their current automotive insurance provider or from an alternative insurance company, or rent from an owner that allows renters to hop onto their coverage for the duration of the trip.

However, since you are an international traveler, U.S. insurance companies will almost certainly not provide you with an insurance binder policy for the trip. This leaves you with the option of having to rent from a private owner who can cover you on their current insurance policy.

You will need to ask each and every owner you inquire with if this is a possibility with their unit.

“Payment Request Expired” Message

Requires an account.

You may have received the “Payment request expired” email because there were multiple quote requests sent to the owner for the same RV. That email is regarding the other quote request, so please disregard these emails. Your rental has been successfully booked and you are good to go!

Security/Damage Deposit Refunds

Requires an account.

Once a rental is complete and you drop the RV off to the owner, they will then inspect and review the RV. The owner has 72 hours to complete the checkout process to report any damages, misuse, or overages. If none are reported and they complete the checkout process, we then process your security deposit refund.

If the owner does report any damage or misuse of the RV and you want to dispute it, you will be emailed with that option or you will want to contact us immediately. We strongly suggest taking photos of the RV prior to departure, especially of any damage you find when you first get there. This will protect you from being charged for that damage or misuse upon return.

I Still Have Questions

We know that booking an RV rental for the first time, or renting your RV out to someone else for the first time can be confusing. Fortunately, there is a strong support community waiting to help you.

If you are an RV renter and don’t see the answer to your question in the FAQs, the best people to answer your questions will be the RV owners that you communicate with through your RVshare Inbox once you have inquired on an RV. RVshare owners are always excited to share the RVing lifestyle with others, so don't be shy!

If you are an RV owner and don’t see the answer to your question in the FAQs, or if you are an RV renter who has been unable to contact an owner, please drop us a line at A member of our support team will be in touch to provide you with an answer to your question.