RVT.com Partners with DealerXchange Web Solutions to Offer a Complete RV Dealership Online Marketing Solution RVT.com, the leading Internet classifieds ad site for new and used RVs for sale, has partnered with DealerXchange Web Solutions to serve RV Dealers a complete and robust online marketing and inventory management service.

Sumas, WA (PRWEB) Feb 21, 2014

RVT.com announced today, a partnership with DealerXchange, an integrated online marketing platform provider for RV dealers. The DealerXchange marketing platform is a dynamic inventory management tool and website product, giving RV Dealers powerful tools to manage their inventory, website content and client relationships. The platform is designed to generate a high volume of quality sales leads and create loyal customers.

“Our goal is, and always has been, to connect RV buyers and sellers online. Though we are focused on driving quality leads to RV Dealers through our online classifieds network, we recognize the critical importance of an RV dealer’s own website,” said Shawn Friesen, Senior VP of RVT.com.

“DealerXchange is a cutting edge web services solution that, when used in conjunction with RVT.com, gives RV Dealers an amazing website, powerful inventory management tools and more, all-the-while showcasing their inventory on the ‘broader’ web to our massive audience of RV consumers.”

Steve Devries, President of DealerXChange stated that “DealerXchange’s goal is to draw more leads to an RV dealer’s website, track and convert them to sales. Our partnership with RVT.com integrates the power of online classifieds with the DealerXchange web services platform, so that an RV Dealer’s inventory can be automatically published to both their own website and RVT.com’s vast network of RV shoppers.’

In addition, DealerXchange’s marketing platform also features:

  • Website platform with a content management system (CMS) – allowing for content and images to be easily managed.
  • Website designs that are mobile friendly – allowing site editors to add inventory from any mobile device and giving site visitors access to the website on any mobile device.
  • Inventory management to import, add and export RV Listings automatically – reducing the time spent behind the desk.
  • Tools to capture, track and manage incoming leads – making it easier for sales staff to follow up and close leads.

For more information visit: http://www.dealerxchange.com/landing-page.

About RVT.com
RVT.com is North America’s leading RV Classifieds provider and part of a larger network of RV related websites with over 9.2 million annual consumer visits, featuring over 60,000 new and used RVs for sale by owner and dealer. Built on a platform of Bringing RV Buyers and Sellers Together, RVT.com has assisted in the sale of more than 55,000 RVs since 2002, and currently showcases inventory for nearly 700 RV dealerships.

RVT.com Joins Forces with GetRV.com New partnership combining RV sales and RV rentals means greater choice and enhanced options for RV travelers, used RV owners and RV dealers.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) November 21, 2008 — Two powerful forces in the RV supply industry, RVT.com (www.rvt.com) and GetRv.com (www.getrv.com) have teamed up to offer travelers more ways to hit the open road.

RVT.com is an online classified site offering new and used RVs, including motor homes, trailers, fifth wheels, camper vans and truck campers. The site’s online RV classifieds exceed 40,000 private and dealer listings, which are viewed by more than 10,000 visitors daily.

With the addition of RV Rentals, powered by GetRV.com, RVT customers who may not be ready to commit to a purchase can rent to decide if the RV life is right for them. They can do specific searches for RVs to rent in their local area — virtually anywhere in the United States and in some Canadian cities, and browse through hundreds of Class As, Class Cs, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and pop-ups to find the perfect vehicle for their needs.

“We are always looking for ways to enhance our customers’ web experience,” says Rodney Friesen, Senior Managing Director of RVT.com. “Providing this capability to them demonstrates that we understand they want more options, and helps us to stand out from our competitors.”

Brian Heath, CEO of GetRV.com says that, “according to customer feedback, over 40% of people who rent RVs are interested in purchasing one.”

When ready to explore the idea of RV ownership, visitors of GetRV.com, which average 5,500 daily in winter and up to 9,500 per day in the summer months, can simply click on RVs for sale to be linked to the search engine powered by RVT.com to search the site’s extensive array of RV buy and sell classifieds. “In addition, RV owners and dealers who have not considered renting list their RVs on our site, which is an excellent way to increase cash flow,” says Heath.

“Joining forces makes perfect sense,” adds Friesen. “Together, RVT.com and GetRV.com can serve our customers at any stage in their RV travel adventure.”

For more, visit www.RVT.com or www.GetRV.com.

About RVT.com
Leader in RV classifieds online, since 1999, RVT.com has specialized in offering new and used RVs for sale, along with trailers, fifth wheels, camper vans, truck campers, trucks, tow cars, and more. RVT.com is very popular with private sellers and new and used RV Dealers. Built on a platform of “Bringing MORE Buyers and Sellers together,” its online trading websites are popular choices for visitors coast to coast in the United States and Canada.

About GetRV.com
The largest independent RV rental website in the industry, GetRV.com provides the “market place” for RV rental owners and customers to come together and complete the reservation transaction process at one time, in real time. Renters can shop, check out pricing (from the best rates in the industry) and availability, reserve, pay and get reservation confirmations all in one sitting. Additionally, GetRV.com provides RV rental owners with a way to display, market, reserve, process payment and confirm reservations on the owner’s website. GetRV.com has developed in domestic US cities and is currently expanding internationally.

Rodney Friesen
Senior Managing Director


Brian Heath, 888-438-7844