RVT.com Mobile Apps Top the Charts for Usability Online RV classified ad engine RVT.com reports on new data gleaned from its iPhone and iPad app offerings – finding that mobile app visitors are now exploring deeper into the website than their desktop counterparts.

Sumas, WA (PRWEB) January 08, 2013

In the two and a half years since the company’s summer 2010 launch of its original iPhone app, RVT.com Mobile, consumer use has soared with tens of thousands of downloads to date. Six months later the company launched its iPad app, RV Classifieds. Growth in consumer use can only be described as exponential.

At the time of this writing the current versions of both iOS apps are downloaded thousands of times per month – typically between 300 and 600 per week (not including update downloads).

RVT.com has seen its app usage grow by approximately 130% in the last year. In 2012, app traffic generated over 200,000 visits – more than 20,000 visits in August alone.

What’s even more interesting is that the apps generate what appears to be much higher quality traffic, scored by visitor engagement metrics (for example – visitors staying on the site longer).

A comparison of mobile app traffic to normal website traffic stats revealed that app based visitors generate significantly higher page view counts, as well as much lower bounce rates (the number of visitors that only view one page and then leave). Both of these are considered to be important indicators of quality traffic. This difference is substantial, and enough to make any website owner stand up and take notice.

As a leading source of online classified advertising for RVs, RVT.com was the first in the industry to offer visitors the convenience of both iPhone and iPad apps to buy and sell new and used recreational vehicles.

On the development side, one key factor has been to try and make the best use of both the phone and tablet platforms. While the RVT.com iPhone app is primarily a utility (search) tool designed for fast information, the iPad app is designed more for content consumption – offering a digital “magazine style” format that takes advantage of the tablet’s larger screen size.

For companies that are already offering an app, or are considering going the app route, RVT.com claims that one of the hallmarks of its success in the app marketplace has been its willingness to listen to its audience and incorporate user requested features in the updated app versions.

Here’s a brief look at each app as they have developed since their release:

RVT.com Mobile for iPhone – launched summer 2010. RV buyers can quickly and easily search more than 50,000 new and used RVs for sale by keyword, make, model, stock number or location. An update in January 2011 added an advanced search function similar to the main website. In response to a search timeout issue, the 2nd version of the app was released in June 2012.

RV Classifieds for iPad is released in December of 2010, building on the success of the iPhone offering. Several improvements have been made to the app since its launch, including an update in December of 2011 which added the new ability to search by multiple states/provinces in the same session. In August 2012 the price, length, year and location filter selection tools saw an improvement.

As a market leader, embracing new technologies and anticipating future trends is key. “Apps are a current trend with mobile, but we don’t know if it will remain that way forever,” says Shawn Friesen, Vice President of RVT.com. “Apps are currently ‘all the rage’ for the mobile consumer, however, they are expensive and time-consuming to develop, and with so many devices now flooding the market, near impossible to create and keep apps current. On the other hand, mobile websites or ‘web-apps’ can be easily formatted for all devices, and take significantly less time to develop.”

Friesen considers that as websites become more mobile-friendly and developers get more mobile-savvy, things may increasingly go the way of web apps. Examples include Amazon’s “awesome”Kindle Cloud Reader web app, and Walmart’s Vudu.

“Web apps could offer significant benefits for both consumers and businesses, including eliminating the need to go through an app store, employ a separate development team, all the while ensuring optimal user experience on all smart phones and tablets.”

Both RVT.com apps can be found on the Apple iTunes Store by searching “RV Classifieds”.

ABOUT RVT – RVT.com is a leading RV classified, banner and display advertising provider, and the flagship of a network of RV related websites which generate over 800,000 monthly consumer visits. Launched in 1999, RVT.com is on a continual quest to offer a superior RV Shopping experience to consumers, as well as the best possible service and support to private sellers, dealers, manufacturers and suppliers to the RV industry.

Popular RV Website Launches Mobile Version 2.0 RV Classifieds site, RVT.com, has launched version 2.0 of it's high traffic mobile website - m.rvt.com - now optimized for all smart phones and tablets.

Sumas, WA (PRWEB) November 29, 2012

RVT.com, the leading internet classifieds ad site for new and used RVs for sale, has introduced a new version of its mobile website. Employing what is known as a “responsive” design, the new mobile website scales seamlessly across all tablet and smart phone screen sizes. Users of all mobile platforms and devices use one version of the website and share the same optimized browsing experience. Mobile RVT.com (m.rvt.com) is now fully compatible and optimized for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry operating systems, across all smart phones and tablets.

“For several years now the mobile version of RVT has constituted a significant percentage of RV consumer traffic to RVT.com,” said Shawn Friesen, Vice President of RVT.com,”traffic has risen exponentially during the past two years. With the wholesale adoption of smart phones, the iPad and other tablets, this type of browsing has become essential for RV shoppers who want access to RVT whenever and wherever”

Friesen also noted the new version is much more “touch friendly”, with the addition of graphical, one touch search options for Class A, Class C, Travel Trailers and all other RV types. These search options will instantly load desired search results, and show them in order of proximity to the consumer. With a tap or two, any search can then be filtered by price or year range, RV make and a host of other filter options.

“Visitors will also appreciate the improved layout and larger images, making RVT extremely easy to navigate on any mobile device. Viewing new and used RVs for sale has never been easier on a mobile website.” said Friesen.

Mobile RVT also includes an “Advanced Search” tool, allowing shoppers to enter more specific search criteria such as make and model, year range, RV length, price range, as well as state or province; with even more search parameters available on request like new or used, fuel type, slides, ad number, and even specific keywords. A time frame filter searches the most recent ads, from 24 hours up to 30 days.

About RVT.com
RVT.com is North America’s leading RV Classifieds provider and part of a larger network of RV related websites with over 800,000 monthly consumer visits, which showcases 55,000 new and used RVs for sale by owner and dealer. Built on a platform of Bringing RV Buyers and Sellers Together, RVT.com has assisted in the sale of more than 55,000 RVs since 2002, and currently showcases inventory for over 600 RV dealerships.

RVT.com Announces RV Shopper Traffic Up Over 30 Percent in 2012; Mobile Shopper Visits Increase More Than 150 Percent RVT.com reports that visitor traffic for its industry-leading Internet classifieds for new and used RVs is up 32 percent in January 2012 over the prior year, and that RV shoppers that accessed the site via mobile devices rose by more than 150 percent.

Sumas, WA (PRWEB) January 31, 2012

RVT.com, the leading Internet classifieds ad site for new and used RVs for sale, travel and 5th wheel trailers, motor homes and campers, reports that its RV shopper traffic has increased more than 30 percent in January 2012 as compared with one year prior, and that RV shoppers that visited the site from mobile devices increased by more than 150 percent.

RVT.com also reported that U.S.-based website traffic increased 30 percent year-over-year from 2010 to 2011 and website traffic from Canada was up a significant 40 percent. In total, users accessing the RVT.com site from mobile devices increased 152 percent from 2010 to 2011, and those visiting the site using iPhone and iPad apps increased 272 percent.

According to recent Nielsen research, 46 percent of U.S. mobile customers own a smartphone, and the number of smartphone owners using the mobile Internet has grown 45 percent since 2010. The Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project reported that the share of U.S. adults who own tablet computers nearly doubled from 10 percent to 19 percent between mid-December 2011 and early January 2012.

“The current state of the RV market combined with RVT.com’s extensive search engine optimization, social network marketing and mobile friendly content has caused a significant increase in visitor traffic,” said Shawn Friesen, Vice President of RVT.com. “We’ve made it simple for RV dealers and industry to reach customers via the Internet – especially through Google Search, Facebook and on mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone and other smartphones. This in turn drives up inventory, which brings more RV buyers to RVT and ultimately results in more sales. If the current traffic trend continues, 2012 will be another record breaking year for our site.”

Friesen also noted that RVT.com had a 20 percent increase in RV dealer subscribers and a 25 percent increase in online inventory posted by dealers and individual owners.

Currently, RVT.com showcases over 50,000 new and used RVs for sale and generates more than 500,000 U.S. and Canadian consumer visits per month, making it North America’s premier RV marketplace.

For more information, visit RVT.com.

About RVT.com
RVT.com is North America’s leading RV Classifieds provider and part of a larger network of RV related websites with over 600,000 monthly unique visitors, showcasing over 50,000 new and used RVs for sale by owner and dealer. Built on a platform of Bringing RV Buyers and Sellers Together, RVT.com has assisted in the sale of over 50,000 RVs since 2002, and currently hosts inventory for over 500 RV dealerships.