RV Shoppers Can Now Access RV Owner Reviews and Ratings on RVT.com SUMAS, WA, January 20, 2015 – RVT.com, the leading Internet classifieds ad site for new and used RVs for sale, travel and 5th wheel trailers, motor homes and campers, has launched a new service that allows RV owners to submit reviews and ratings on RVs they have owned as an educational resource for shoppers.

“Prospective RV buyers want to hear from other owners of the same make and model RV they are considering, so they can learn firsthand from those experiences,” said Shawn Friesen, RVT.com vice president.  “Adding the RV owner review and rating service to RVT.com is providing a valuable resource for the RVing community for years to come.”

Friesen said that since the service was launched a few weeks ago in its beta phase, hundreds of RV owners have submitted a review.  To write a review, RV owners can go to rvt.com/review.php and fill out an online form that includes the RV type, manufacturer, brand, model number and year.

Reviewers rate their experience using a five-star system for four categories:  livability, overall quality, floor plan and driveability (motorized RVs) or towability (towable RVs).  In addition, reviewers can provide full descriptions of their personal experience with the RV they are reviewing.  Every RV for sale listing on RVT.com now features a Review link to the online form.

According to a 2014 Nielsen study, 85% of consumers look for credible, third-party articles and reviews about a product or service online prior to making a purchase.  The study found that consumers are five times more dependent on this type of content than they were five years ago. RV consumers can now search hundreds of RV reviews at rvt.com/rv-reviews.

“Reviews of RVs by current and previous owners provide an important, credible resource for consumers shopping online for an RV,” Friesen noted.  “Reviews help consumers make more informed decisions, which leads to greater customer satisfaction and a better shopping experience.”

For more information, visit RVT.com.

RVT.com Launches Follow-Up Assistant to Increase Dealer Lead Conversion Rates SUMAS, WA, January 13, 2015 -- RVT.com, the leading classifieds ad site for new and used RVs for sale, travel and 5th wheel trailers, motor homes and campers, has launched a new service — RVT Follow-Up Assistant — designed to help buyers and sellers connect better online and boost lead conversion rates for RV dealers.

In-house research by RVT.com has shown that one of the top complaints among site users is a lack of response from RV dealers.  The RVT Follow-Up Assistant is a virtual customer service representative who contacts leads within 24 hours to assist in the buyer-seller connection.  The RVT Follow-Up Assistant first determines whether or not the inquiry has been responded to and, if not, gathers additional information from the inquiring party to pass back to the dealer.

“The typical RV dealer is handling so many leads, that there are times when they may not have all the necessary resources to respond in a timely fashion, or the lead may be missed altogether,” said Shawn Friesen, RVT.com vice president.  “We want to ensure that these leads never ‘fall through the cracks’ and that consumers who are interested in making a purchase are able to make the connection with a dealer – quickly and conveniently.”

The RVT Follow-Up Assistant also helps dealers determine buyer intent through email contact with each prospect. Friesen noted that during the two-week beta phase of the new service, the RVT Follow-Up Assistant was able to engage over one thousand leads, assist in obtaining hundreds of new phone numbers and set up more than fifty appointments.

Friesen said that the new service would also flag RV dealers who neglect responding to inquiries, enabling RVT to take appropriate action to ensure visitor satisfaction remains high, and the site remain a top destination for RV consumers.

The RVT Follow-Up Assistant program is included in all RVT.com Dealer Listing packages at no additional cost.

For more information, visit RVT.com.

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