$1.5M in RV Sales to be Raffled Off This Fall by RVT.com Nov 27 - 29, Louisville, KY; live from the Annual RVIA National RV Trade Show: one (participating) RV dealership will receive a grand prize of $1.5M in potential sales courtesy of RVT.com®.

Sumas, WA (PRWEB) November 15, 2012

RVT.com, a robust online marketplace for new and used RVs, is giving away retail leads amounting to $1.5 million in potential gross RV sales to one lucky RV dealer during RVIA’s National 50th Annual RV Trade Show, Nov. 27 – 29 in Louisville, Ky.

“We receive about 350,000 unique RV consumer visits each month to our RV classified ads and distribute over 10,000 email and call-in leads to dealers every month. For this year’s giveaway, we want to highlight the power of RVT to help dealers sell,” explained Shawn Friesen, Vice President of Dealership Services.

Dealers may enter the contest at the show or register online by the end of the show, after which a drawing will be conducted and the winner will receive up to 600 RV shopper leads or up to five (5) years of free RV classified advertising on RVT.com, according to Friesen.

The valuation of those leads is based on the fact that dealers tend to close 10% of their RVT.com leads, so the prize package could yield sixty (60) RV sales at a very conservative industry average transaction value of $25,000 per sale (some dealers report average transaction values of up to $75,000).

“Thinking back over the years, this is quite possibly the most lucrative grand prize in the history of Louisville.” Friesen contended.

“All the indicators for the 2013 selling season look fairly positive now. Savvy RV dealers really should be able to show a decent increase in sales for 2013. We are committed to doing our part (as lead generators in the digital space) and give every RV dealer access to this ‘Golden Opportunity,”’ he said.

How does it work? “This is where every dealer in the industry stands to benefit,” adds Friesen. “All RV dealers who enter will also receive 10 free RV consumer leads. All they have to do to enter is visit our booth (#818) at the show or visit RVT.com/Golden and fill out the online form, that’s it. We’ll make sure 10 RV shoppers call or email you directly about RVs you currently have for sale.”

The drawing will be held on Nov. 29th at the conclusion of the show.

There is no “catch” to the contest, said Friesen, adding that “leads are golden. Our online network produces the RV shopper leads dealers need to thrive and prosper.”

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