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Get your message direct to in-market RV buyers

New Communications Pathway Quick Facts

  • 683,000 unique RV shopper visits /mo.
  • 130,000+ RVs listed for sale, (76% are new)
  • 1000+ RV dealer advertisers
  • Over 22,500 RV buyer leads distributed – every month to RV dealers
  • Serving 40 million Digital Ads /mo. to potential RV buyers

Significant Advances in RV Digital Marketing

How RV OEMs Can Increase Market Share by “Guiding” RV Consumer Purchase Decisions

Manufacturers are innovators. Innovation is what you do. And, consumers? They work hard to decide which RV brand they should purchase.

But, the age-old way manufacturers communicate their innovations to retail buyers – i.e. through their dealer networks – is changing…

“Subtle Shift” In RV OEM Marketing

Current RV OEM Marketing Model

Accelerated Retail Turns Simple
  1. Strong B2B marketing to dealers plus some Digital Ads – mostly targeting high-funnel RV consumers.
  2. Dealer marketing of – your Brand specifically – is often minimal and does not effectively “educate” buyers aboutyour Brands.
  3. Low-funnel RV consumer buyers (who are under-informed about your Brands – while they actively shop online) are susceptible to competing Brands, both at competing dealerships and also on your dealers’ lots.
  4. You innovate. You build a better Brand. But, under the current RV OEM Marketing Model, actively shopping online RV shoppers remain largely under-educated about your Brands. Results? “Brand Defection” at the dealer level with lower-than-optimal retail turns and dealer re-orders.

New RV OEM Market Paradigm

Accelerated Retail Turns Simple
  1. The “shift” happens. RV OEM increases Digital Ads to “low-funnel” RV consumer buyers.
  2. Consistent, well-branded, key selling messages are delivered – by OEMs – directly to RV consumers who are “in-the-act” of buying.
  3. OEM Ads are now helping “guide” consumer buying decisions.
  4. DEALER sells MORE of YOUR BRAND. Faster retail turns, stronger dealer reorders plus, your Brand gains market share!

How to WIN the brand Wars

RV manufacturers will build (and sell!) close to 1/2 a million RVs annually. Many factories are running at full capacity – completely sold out – with long lead times for dealers.

Others factories and newer production lines? Not so much. What that means is … it all comes down to MARKET SHARE. And, competition is fierce!

Brand vs. Brand wars are fought every day – online – and on dealer’s lots across the country.

And the winning OEM?

The winning OEM will be the one who communicates most effectively – and directly – with the buyer, in this case, the low-funnel RV consumer buyer.

Brand Wars

New Product Launch

Directly Communicate Your Innovations to In-Market RV Consumers

More and more RV OEMs are seeing the benefits of introducing their latest innovations to RV consumer buyers — directly — using sophisticated Digital RV Advertising tactics that are specifically designed to …

  • Swing retail deals in favor of your Brand.
  • Influence RV consumer purchase decisions.
  • Help you “beat out” competitive units in head-to-head battles for retail sales.’s New RV Product Launch program helps your Brands WIN THE SALE WHEN …

  • Your weaker dealer is fighting against a stronger dealer who sells a competing Brand.
  • Your dealer may even be receiving a “spiff” from a competing Brand.

Working with, RV Manufacturers are bringing OEM innovations (and new RV product launch messages) deep into the consumer buying process.

How RV OEMs Can Influence the Consumer’s RV Brand Choice Using Digital Advertising Campaigns…

Show Special

Example Messages RV OEMs Could Advertise to Consumer Buyers:

Show Special

Want to better “educate” RV consumer buyers about your Brands? Request a no-cost New RV Product Launch Strategy Session from

New Product Launch BundleProduct ID: DA-NPL Contact Us

Factory Incentives Ads

Stimulate Dealer Re-Orders By Helping Dealers Move Last Year’s Inventory FASTER!

When your dealers are still stocked up with last year’s Models, they can hesitate to order as much new inventory as you'd like.

So, to help stimulate retail sales, you sometimes offer Factory Incentives (a.k.a. Manufacturer’s Rebates) on last year’s Models.

But, what’s the best way to “tell” in-market RV consumers about your Factory Incentives?


  • Re-Targeting Ads that hit every buyer shopping for a new RV – any Class
  • Drive buyers to your factory incentives landing page.
  • Generate leads i.e. get opt-ins – distribute leads to your dealers.


  • Stimulates inquiries
  • Bumps your dealers' closing ratios
  • Boosts dealer re-orders
OEM Incentive

Factory Incentive Success AdsProduct ID: DA-FISA Contact Us

“When dealers tend to sell your competition more than they sell YOUR product, try this: Advertise directly to consumer buyers. “Educate” low-funnel buyers about your brands.”
Chris Mapson, Digital RV Advertising Consultant,

RV Show Booth – Buyer Traffic Booster

Drive In-Market Consumer Buyers to YOUR Booth!

You pay dearly to help your dealers exhibit at RV Shows. Co-op costs for the booth, travel, expenses, etc. Shows are a huge investment!

So, think about the consumer buyers in that Region a month (or two) before the Show. can specifically identify actively-shopping RV consumer buyers — located anywhere near your upcoming Shows.

Let RVT help you “invite” local, in-market buyers to make sure they visit YOUR booth!

Here’s how…

  • Provide RVT with your Show dates and locations
  • Then, let’s hit known buyers near each of your upcoming shows
  • With several re-targeting ads – per buyer!
  • For 30 to 45 days on the run up to theshow.

Why rely only on Show Management to attract buyers to the Show and then “hope” they make it to your booth?

Why not communicate directly with EVERY in-market RV shopper – in that Region? Show Booth BoosterProduct ID: DA-BTB Contact Us

What would happen to your booth traffic and your Show sales if you put this message in front of 1000 in-market buyers – 10 or 20 times per buyer – on the run up to each Show?

I have a case study from the 2018 Tampa RV SuperShow. Feel free to give me a quick call. 1-800-282-2183 x 1710
Chris Mapson, Digital RV Advertising Consultant,

Digital Display Advertising for RV OEMs

Advertising Your brand to In-Market Buyers

Display Ads

Each time an RV Consumer visits, they spend an average of 6 minutes running searches & checking out 6 pages of RVs-for-sale and related content – per session.

Grab the attention of targeted Buyers using Digital RV Display Ads on the pages of Engage buyers with relevant ads – while they are “in-the-act” of shopping for their next RV – and drive them to your dealers to buy!

10x Click-through Rates (CTRs)

RV OEM Package of Digital Display Ads:

Choose your targeting [Class of RV or Brand(s)] to secure preferred exposure on RVT’s Homepage and throughout our Search Results pages – where millions of buyers shop!

Custom Digital Display Ad Package:

Choose your own ad sizes, placements and targeting. Please inquire for custom advertising strategies and opportunities.

Consumer “Brand-Education” Strategy Sessions:
Professional Consultations with are no extra cost.
Book online or call: 1-800-282-2183 x 1710

Digital Display Advertising for RV OEMs – $3.50 CPMProduct ID: DA-DPAK Contact Us

Custom Digital Display Ad Package- Call for PriceProduct ID: DA-CUST Contact Us

Your relevant Digital Display Ads where 8.6 million RV buyers (annually) shop –

Precision Buyer Targets:

RV Type Targeting:

Target buyers by the Class of RV they're shopping for i.e. target Class A Diesel buyers only etc.

Geo-Targeting: Slow Regions?

Why not segment RV shoppers by City, State/Prov, Region or Designated Market Area (DMA)? Boost your sales in slower areas.

RV Brand Targeting:

Show your ads to RV shoppers looking at your competitors' Brands! Can also be used to target people shopping for your own Brands.

RV Detail Pages (VDPs)

Arguably, the most important single element in all of RV digital advertising is your dealer’s RV classified listing – a.k.a. the RV Detail Page (VDP).

The most important page in online RV advertising is the RV Detail Page – the classified listing! The buyer is captive, checking out your RV Brand … seize that “moment”! Use RV Detail Page Ads – on all listings for your Brands. Showcase your Brand with an HD Video or graphic, and link Buyers to your website or any landing page you choose.

VDP Dealer Banner Ad Package – $10 CPMProduct ID: DA-VDP Contact Us

VDP Banner Advertising

Native Super Leaderboard Ads

Dominant & Relevant Ads that Appear “Native” to

When RV shoppers land on, they expect to see RVs for sale that match what they are shopping for.

Enter the enormous Native Super Leaderboard Ad! Your Brands are introduced first – at the top of’s Search Results Pages.

“Native“ means your brand and actual inventory listings are seamlessly integrated into the RV shopper’s buying experience.

And, the results?

6.8 X more buyers click, View & Inquire about Your Brands

Native Super Leaderboard
  1. NATIVE:Appears to be part of regular RVT content, therefore minimizes ‘banner-blindness’.
  2. GIANT:Up to 1260 X 290 px = approx. 13.1” x 3” and fully responsive — shows on all devices.
  3. DYNAMIC:Automatically pulls your Brand’s listings into the ad! Matches the RV Category — or even the brand — that each buyer is searching for.
  4. EFFECTIVE:Brands your models in the buyer’s mind. Connects buyers to your dealers. Gets buyers asking dealers about your brands!

Native Super Leaderboard Ads – $15 CPMProduct ID: DA-NSLB Contact Us

Native Super Skyscraper Display Ads

  • Showcase: 6 of your Dealer Brand Units
  • Native: Appears to be a natural part of - therefore it is heavily clicked!
  • Dynamic: Pulls your units to match each buyer’s Search
  • Huge: 300 X 728 px
  • Promotion: Includes your 300 X 250 Display Ad - drives even more clicks!
  • Visible: Your Brand listings stay in view, “fixed in position” as the buyer scrolls up and down through Search Results.

Native Super Skyscraper – $5 CPMProduct ID: DA-NSS Contact Us

Or, now included as part of Regional (and Custom) Display Ad campaigns


Dynamic Native Search Results Ad

  • SERP: Your units show up more often in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) on RVT where MILLIONS of RVers search for their next RV!
  • Native: Your units fit in exactly like regular Search Results except they also include your Logo and a Dealership Description as well!

Dynamic Native Search Results – $5 CPMProduct ID: DA-DNSR Contact Us

* Ad dimensions are responsive and vary depending on device viewport size. Maximum ad dimensions: 900x300 pixels.

Dynamic Re-Marketing

Google Display Network-Dynamic ReMarketing

  • After an RV shopper views any of your lisitings on RVT, we dynamically create Display Ads which showcase those exact listings (and similar). See Example 1.
  • These Display Ads are then shown — all across the Internet — to potential buyers who have already looked at the units(s) pictured in the Ads.
  • Tests show up to 10 X more clicks than online banner ads.
  1. An in-market RV Shopper from your target region searches for, and views your inventory (or your competitor’s units) on
  2. Those exact RVs (or similar) — your brand only — are then used to “dynamically” build powerful Display Ads which appear on websites all across the Internet, on all devices!
  3. Individual RV shoppers are shown your Brand in Ads on various websites. Click-through rates (CTRs) are outstanding with’s Dynamic ReMarketing.

Example 1:

Dynamic Remarketing 300x250px Example.

New: Facebook + Google

Combine with Facebook Dynamic ReMarketing ads – more info


  • 8000 additional VDP views per month – perfect for dealerships with over 200 units $1140/mo Product ID: DRM-G Contact Us
  • 4000 additional VDP views per month – recommended for dealerships < 200 units $570/mo Product ID: DRM-G Contact Us
  • 2000 additional VDP views per month – recommended for dealerships < 100 units $285/mo Product ID: DRM-G Contact Us

Estimated, may fluctuate slightly based on ad auction rates. VDP views are measured and averaged over a 3-month period. Dynamic Re-Marketing – on Facebook!

They Saw it on RVT – AND – In their Facebook Feed!

The average US consumer spends 40 minutes per day scrolling through Facebook.
Facebook Q2/’14 Earnings Report, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO

So, how can you get your RVs…

  1. Onto Facebook

  2. and
  3. Into the feeds of actively shopping, in-market buyers?

Here’s how it works:

“Imagine taking buyers OFF of flipping through their Facebook … and INTO shopping – shopping your Brands! Now, imagine doing it THOUSANDS of times each month! Guaranteed Buyer views to your Brands! Let's plan this out.”
Chris Mapson, Digital RV Advertising Consultant,
Facebook Dynamic Image Example
  1. Buyer sees your unit on
  2. Then, for 30 days…*
  3. The same buyer sees the same unit (and similar units) – your brand only – within their Facebook feed – desktop, mobile & apps.

AnalyticsBefore / After Facebook Dynamic Marketing
Google Analytics

How Facebook Dynamic Re-Marketing Compares:

Item Avg. CTRs That’s 1 Click
Note Improvement Over Average
Internet Banner Ads
Average Internet
Banner Ad
0.05% CTR 2,000 ads Work to improve. __
OK Internet
Banner Ad
0.10% CTR 1,000 ads OK, not great. 2 X
Killer Internet
Banner Ad
1.0% CTR 100 ads Fantastic CTRs!
More ads ASAP!
20 X’s Facebook
Dynamic Re-Marketing
15% CTR 7 ads Very high CTRs.
A must buy.
Add to Marketing Mix.
300 X

New: Facebook + Google

Combine with Google Dynamic ReMarketing ads – more info


  • 8000 additional VDP views per month – perfect for dealerships with over 200 units $1140/mo Product ID: RM-FBOEM Contact Us
  • 4000 additional VDP views per month – recommended for dealerships < 200 units $570/mo Product ID: RM-FBOEM Contact Us
  • 2000 additional VDP views per month – recommended for dealerships < 100 units $285/mo Product ID: RM-FBOEM Contact Us

Estimated, may fluctuate slightly based on ad auction rates. VDP views are measured and averaged over a 3-month period.

Re-Marketing – Advertising to RV Shoppers After They Leave Re-Marketing is a highly effective suite of Digital Advertising products that leverages powerful RV shopper tracking technology and proven best-practices to result in… more buyers shopping your listings, more leads, and ultimately more RV sales.

  1. An in-market RV Shopper from your target region searches for, and views RVs for sale on
  2. Your dealership’s branded Digital Ads are then re-marketed to that individual RV shopper.
  3. Your ads are seen across various websites – across all devices.

Re-Marketing – $4 CPM Product ID: RM-COEMS Contact Us

How It Works: sets a “cookie” in the web browser of individual consumer buyers as they shop.

We know who they are, where they are and exactly what they’re shopping for.

Without using any personally identifiable information (PIIs), we know which RVs that individual has viewed and can use that info to traffic highly specialized and relevant ads.

Your re-marketing will depict…

  • Your RV dealership
  • Your Brands
  • Your Promotions and Special Events!
  • Specific RVs from your stock shown to buyers who shopped for that exact (or similar) units. (Dynamic Re-Marketing)

NOTE:’s Re-Marketing Digital Ads appear on other websites, all across the internet – on all devices.

“Feature” Your RV Brands

Ensure Your Brands Are Seen By Low-Funnel RV Shoppers…

Think for a moment like an RV consumer Buyer, a Buyer who’s looking to buy! How would you “shop” for a new RV? Well first, you’d Google it:

And then quickly – just like 720,000 other unique RV shoppers/month – you will likely land on where you will run multiple Searches of dealer inventory.

Now, back to thinking like an RV OEM, you know …

  • Your dealers must advertise (and sell!) all of their Brands, NOT necessarily YOUR Brand.
  • But, you want YOUR Brand sold by your dealers over any OTHER Brands.

So, as a Manufacturer, why not “Feature” YOUR Brands – in the most prominent place on … at the top of … where Buyers Search!

“Feature” Your RV BrandsProduct ID: SF-O Contact Us

“OEMs: Don’t let dealers ‘buy up’ the Top row of Featured Listings on’s Search Results pages. Why? Because dealers will feature ALL their Brands. Not good! You want YOUR Brands at the Top of the Buyer Searches! Call me. Let’s discuss.”
Chris Mapson, Digital RV Advertising Consultant,

Buyers visit and run millions of Searches. Why not “feature” YOUR Brand at the top of Search Results using’s NEW “Feature” Your Brands product? This gives your models “above-the-fold” exposure, resulting in 4 X more Consumer Buyer views to your Brands!

Professional, Digital Advertising Consultations Now Available.

Digital advertising consultations from the professionals at are vailable upon request to RV Manufacturer Marketing Teams and their Agencies. We are available to help…

  • Ensure your digital advertising objectives are met
  • Optimize your digital strategies and
  • Plan your digital, consumer-facing media

Consultations will help you…

  • Drive more RV consumer buyer traffic to your website
  • Tell RV Consumers why your brands are their best choice
  • Influence low-funnel consumer purchase decisions
  • “Conquest” market share away from your competition.

Consumer “Brand-Education” Strategy Session

Learn How To Boost Market Share by Ensuring Low-Funnel RV Consumer Buyers Are “Educated” About Your Brands…

Let’s look at:

  • RV Consumers — Right-Before-They-Buy How to…
    • Identify
    • Target
    • And, digitally “show-&-tell” low-funnel RV consumer buyers exactly WHY they need to purchase your RV Brand.
  • Your Dealer Partners —
    • How to drive branded “be-backs” into RV Dealerships.
  • RV Consumer “Conversion” —
    • How to educate, persuade and SWITCH buyers into your Brands.
  • The RV Shopper’s BUYING CYCLE —
    • Take these 3 steps to “own” the entire consumer buying cycle!
    • How to “interrupt” (and take away!) your competitor’s retail sales — without them even knowing!

Book your Session now

Or call 1-800-282-2183 x 1710 to schedule a convenient time.

New RV Product Launch Strategy Session

Explore Strategies RV Manufacturers Use to “Influence” RV Consumer Purchase Decisions with Digital RV Advertising Campaigns From…

Building and launching new Models of RVs is the life-blood of RV manufacturing today.

But, what really is the BEST way to let RV consumer buyers know about your innovations?

Join in this quick, insightful Session. Let’s explore powerful Digital RV Advertising tactics that are specifically designed to…

  • Swing retail deals in favor of your Brand.
  • Influence RV consumer purchase decisions.
  • Help you beat out competitive units in head-to-head battles for retail sales.

Schedule your Session now and let’s look at ways you can WIN the SALE… even when…

  • Your weaker dealer is fighting against a stronger dealer who sells a competing Brand.
  • Your dealer is receiving a “SPIFF” from a competing Brand.

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