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Class B Motorhome

Van Camper Motorhome – Class BAlso commonly referred to as the van camper, the Class B motorhome is a cargo van that has been customized to include temporary sleeping, eating and bathroom facilities. See all Class B vehicles currently listed with RVT.


16 to 21 feet


  • Average Retail Value: $64,050
  • Range: Most available from $41,000 to $72,660


Up to 4 people


  • The Class B is most economical, versatile and maneuverable of the motorized RVs. The van camper is easily loaded and readied for any travel occassion and doubles as a second family vehicle or as a carpool for commuters.
  • It is makes a fine towing vehicle and often used in tandem with a camping trailer – especially with a trailer that is not equipped with full bathroom facilities.
  • The Class B motorhome is narrower than other RVs because it utilizes the space within the existing van body. However, most are equipped with a raised roof, and sometimes dropped floors providing full stand-up room.
  • With their compact size and many amenities, van campers can provide comfortable living space and essentials for couples and young families.

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