As a Dealer, you’re well aware that many buyers are willing to travel – and often, quite some distance! – to get their hands on that “perfect” high-end, luxury RV.

So, what are your options to reach out and attract these upper echelon RV consumer buyers from across the Land?  They’re often-times NOT from your local geographic region, but they are definitely on-the-hunt for that special, premium coach …

3 New Ways You Can Effectively “Reach” Discriminating RV Shoppers —
Located Across North America 

Your first key is that these buyers are “on-the-hunt.”  They’re searching, searching far-and-wide.

Many land on and start meticulously running Search after Search after Search.  (Average 7.2 searches per buyer per visit.)

You might want to consider featuring (one or more of) your units in’s new …

National Search Featured Listings

Check out the screen shot below.  With National Search Featured Listings your high-end units will appear in:

  • Top row of Search Results Pages (SRPs) on RVT
  • Upper left-hand corner
  • Position # 1 on Searches run by RV shoppers nation-wide
n-search-explained-1Here’s a typical Search Results Page (SRP) on Note that the top 3 positions on all SRP’s are paid positions. The upper left position (shown in red above) on all SRPs is our new National Search Featured Listing. It shows units you choose to buyers across N. America. Gets your high-end RVs exposed to high-end buyers some distance away from you.

Case Study:  RV Dealer using’s new National Search Featured Listings:


6.25 X more views on the National Stage!  For more information or to purchase, feel free to contact your Rep.  $100 / unit / mo. (Max. 5 units / dealer.)


National Homepage Featured Ads

Due to the sheer volume of buyers who hit — the Homepage — each month, our new National Homepage Featured Listings you see below (in red) get clicked roughly 2 X more than normal listings.

n-homepage-explainedThe listings “featured” on — the Homepage — are exposed to so many buyers, they are usually opened up and “shopped” roughly twice as often as normal listings.

Case Study:  RV Dealer using National Homepage Featured Listings:


To purchase, feel free to contact your Rep.  $125 / unit / mo. (Max. 2 units / dealer.)


National SPOTLIGHT Featured Ads

Here’s how our huge, new National SPOTLIGHT Featured Listings appear on  See below, pictured (in red).

n-spotlight-explainedDominating is a huge listing (seen above in red), the National SPOTLIGHT Featured Listing. Shown to RV shoppers nation-wide, this huge listing can get your RV clicked on (and checked out) by up to 4 X more buyers.

Case Study:  Dealer using National SPOTLIGHT Featured Listings:


To purchase, feel free to contact your Rep.  $220 / unit / mo. (Max. 1 unit / dealer.)

When you have big diesels or luxury 5th wheels or high-end toy haulers in stock that you think could be slow to sell in your local market, consider showcasing them on the National Stage using National Search, National Homepage or National SPOTLIGHT Featured Listings.

Additionally, to buy Regional Featured Ads, simply log into your Account and purchase them directly.