In a world of downsizing and “less is more,” there are still many people who choose to go big with RVs — opting for large motor homes with luxurious features. It’s about space, comfort and so much more:

Making Family Get-Togethers Happen

Families are spreading out across the country. In a hyper-competitive job market, more people take job offers in different cities. More young people go to college in far-flung places.

For parents and grandparents, traveling to see all generations of the family has become more difficult — that is, unless you take up the RV life…

Super-sized motor homes offer the maximum amenities helps when you want to commit to the road and be able to visit children, nieces and nephews, grandkids, and everyone else, wherever they may be.

Luxurious RV Resorts Attracting Boomers

There’s no need to forego the first-class treatment when luxury RV resorts are popping up around the country. Whether you want stunning waterfront views of the Gulf Coast or prime real estate in the Yellowstone region, RV owners are finding luxurious accommodations to suit their luxury RV lifestyle. Note that you don’t necessarily need a 48-foot-5-slide-double-decker to gain entrance to these parks.

Along with a well-appointed lot and amenities, luxury RV resorts are featuring pools and spas, barbecue fire pits, golf and other sports, and many features associated with 5-star hotels.

Doing the Math: Big RVs and Big Savings

The costs of owning a super-sized RV can still fall short of the yearly expenses incurred by many homeowners. When you’re paying $X,000 in real estate taxes in addition to state income tax and other costs like landscaping, utilities, etc., etc., a large RV on a nice lot can bring comparable comfort at a fraction of the cost. Plus the freedom and enjoyment of the premium motor coach life.

Of course, vehicle depreciation is a unique factor that needs to be considered (though we know that traditional homes can also be subject to depreciation); this effect can be mitigated by going used vs. new.

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