Luxury has been a byword of the RV industry since its earliest days. When Pierce Arrow debuted the first production RV in 1910, standard features included a backseat that converted into a bed, fold-down washbasin, chamber pot toilet and telephone link to the chauffeur. For $8,250 your Touring Landau could be equipped with the extravagant luxury of hot-and-cold running water!

Early Luxury

While the features of early recreational vehicles may seem primitive by modern standards, they offered a more luxurious approach to outdoor living than the privations of tent camping. Throughout the RV industry’s evolution (click to watch MSN’s slide show), RV trends have been toward increasingly luxurious motorhomes and travel trailers.

  • The 1915 Land Yacht featured everyday luxuries like a bathroom shower and electric stove, but also had a phonograph on the upper deck for dancing.
  • The 1954 Midstates ?Executive Flagship was packed with luxury amenities, including a helipad.
  • The 1980s ushered in home-like design and furnishings with space-increasing slideouts, comfy couches, state-of-the-art entertainment centers and modern kitchen appliances.

High-End Trends

The new century has seen a continuation of RV trends toward built-in luxury. Monaco and other luxury RV makers now offer king-size beds, fireplaces, spacious bathrooms with instant hot water, kitchens with granite counter tops and full-size appliances, LED lighting, indoor/outdoor entertainment centers with flat screens and satellite TV, rooftop patios, outdoor grill stations and high-tech digital command centers.

Despite their price tags, which can range from $250,000 to more than $1 million, luxury motorhomes are a growth market. According to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, manufacturer shipments of the most expensive luxury Class A RVs increased 23% during the first half of 2014. As more retiring baby boomers embrace the RV lifestyle, the trend toward greater luxury is expected to continue.

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