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RV camping allows you to travel away from the ever-present glow of city lights and lose yourself in the marvels of nature. Viewing a starry sky on a dark night with the Milky Way cutting a glowing swath across the heavens is one of the many wonders of RV camping, as many can attest to.

Many RVers are avid star gazers, learning to recognize the position of planets and name constellations. In particular, the sighting of a shooting star brings cries of wonder from these amateur astronomers, but the first time you see the “stars” raining down during a full-blown meteor shower is considered by many to be the ultimate star gazing experience.

There is an expected meteor shower just a week away. On the night of October 21, the Orionids meteor shower will occur (although the nearly full moon may overpower all but the brightest meteors).

If you miss the Orinoids shower next week, November offers three opportunities to see a shower. A list of upcoming events with dates and locations can be found at http://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/earthskys-meteor-shower-guide.

What Are Meteor Showers / Shooting Stars?

From what we gather:

– Meteor showers are created when the Earth travels through the debris field of a comet.

– As gravity pulls pieces of debris into Earth’s atmosphere, the debris vaporizes, creating a fiery trail as it streaks across the sky that we call a “shooting star.”

– Showers are typically named for the constellation that appears in the area of the sky where they appear. For example, the Orinoids meteor shower appears near the constellation Orion in the sky.

– They’re more common than most people think and occur about every month or so, although weather and light conditions can often affect your ability to witness them.

If you’re interested in learning more about the night sky and connecting with like-minded people then check out Go Astronomy’s list of local observatories; there are also opportunities to take part in group star gazing events.

Finally, there are numerous astronomy apps to be found, including:

We welcome any special stories you might have to share about meteor showers or star gazing! Are there any spots you’ve been to that other people should check out while traveling? Let us know!

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