Since John and I hit the road over three years ago in our Jazz Fifth-Wheel  trailer, we have been acutely aware as is the case with most fulltimers, that you cannot accumulate a lot of stuff.  John loves carpentry but of course there was no way we could take along the bulky table saw, the heavy bench press or the cabinet filled with old and new carpentry tools.

But he was able to create tool boxes that contained enough tools to do minor repairs and minor carpentry projects on the road.

John's carpentry tool set

John’s carpentry tool set

John also likes to paint using watercolors. He created a compact traveling kit before we left home which stores neatly beneath the floor of our extended cab portion of tow vehicle.  Add reading and movie watching to his most preferred entertainment and his needs are covered in under one-hundred fifty pounds.

My most enjoyable things to do are writing and photography.  All I need for both these hobbies are a laptop computer and a camera. These two items are small and compact, light-weight and easy to take traveling.

I’ve recently expanded photography to collage-making. I use one drawer in our trailer to store most of my collage materials which includes an assortment of acrylic inks and paints, small paint brushes and found and purchased things (such as small quantities of tissue and specialty papers, gel mediums, brayers  and the like) to use in constructing collages along with my photographs.

Everything necessary for collage making fits nicely on our dinette table.

Everything necessary for collage making fits nicely on our dinette table.

One fun thing that I learned to do recently with a collage is to scan it as a jpeg file so that I can size and crop the image in Photoshop. I create a 4 in. x 4 in. reproduction of the collage and glue the image to a 4.25 x 4.25 white tile. I then varnish the image and put felt pads on the underside of the tile. These handmade works of art made perfect gifts and the materials to make them take up less room than would fit in a small shoe box.

The basics for turning an image of collage into a trivet.

The basics for turning an image of a collage into a trivet.

Who needs a three bedroom house to have a rich creative life? Some RVs allow plenty space for exercising those creative juices. For an expanded list of RV hobbies go to RV Hobbies/Preparing for Fulltime RVing. What hobbies do you think would make a good fit for an RV lifestyle?

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