In many states, summer is the time to camp. The days are hot, the nights are warm, and there are so many outdoor activities to experience. It’s also the busiest time of year for a lot of campgrounds and tourist destinations. The good news is, many of your favorite summertime activities can still be enjoyed in the fall—and you may find them even more relaxing. There’s nothing quite like sitting around the campfire on a crisp autumn evening swapping stories, cooking s’mores, and enjoying the gorgeous fall color. Today, RVT takes a look at five reasons RVing in the fall may be more enjoyable.

Spectacular Scenery

You can’t beat fall for its magnificent scenery. The vivid, soul-stirring palette provides a breathtaking transition to winter. While gorgeous autumn color is found in many states (even southern ones), these destinations have fall foliage that’s sure to impress:
• Bar Harbor, Maine
• Eastern Shore, Maryland
• Catskills Mountains, New York
• Stowe, Vermont
• Ozark National Forest, Arkansas
• The Poconos, Pennsylvania
• Aspen, Colorado

Less Busy and More Cost Effective

The autumn months are often much quieter. Most kids have returned to school and campgrounds are less crowded. Tourist destinations are also less busy, making it easier to relax and enjoy the sites. Lower pricing is typically in effect at many campgrounds and attractions, making autumn camping friendlier on the wallet. Keep in mind that fall and winter are busier seasons in the southern USA.

Cooler Weather

While some folks like the hot weather, others find the cooler days and nights of autumn more comfortable. Dressing in layers makes it easy to adjust to temperature fluctuations.

More Wildlife and Fewer Bugs

In the fall, most bugs have vanished. Forested sites that may have been overrun with mosquitoes and other biting insects during summer months are typically free of the pests in the fall—but always pack bug spray just in case! 

While the bugs have disappeared, wildlife is often more visible as they prepare for winter. Animals you may see in the fall (depending on the region) include bear, deer, elk, moose, squirrels, chipmunks, foxes, and marmot. Do not approach wildlife. Keep your distance and stay safe. Even harmless-looking animals will attack when they feel threatened.

Fall Festivals and Other Autumn Activities

Fall is prime time for wine tasting, cider sampling, apple and pumpkin harvests, corn mazes, Oktoberfest, and many other great activities. Check to see if there are any local harvest festivals or other fun fall celebrations in your favorite camping areas! 

Some popular festivals you may want to consider include:

Fall is a great time to head out in your RV and enjoy some prime camping experiences. Cooler weather, gorgeous scenery, fewer crowds, cheaper prices, more wildlife, and an abundance of festivals and other activities make this oft-overlooked camping season one to consider. Do you have a favorite fall camping spot? Have you attended any outstanding harvest festivals? Let us know in the comments below!

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