Many RV owners don’t give much consideration to roof care. It’s one of those out of sight, out of mind things. Unless you make a point of climbing a ladder to inspect the roof of your motorhome or travel trailer at regular intervals, you’re unlikely to be aware of developing problems until it’s too late and a leaky roof leaves you with a pile of repair bills. With proper roof maintenance you can avoid unexpected repair bills and extend the life of your RV.

Is There an Expert in The House?

RV expert Mark Polk, whose excellent RV Education 101 videos and books are considered the do-it-yourself RV maintenance bible, recommends keeping the roof of your RV clear of leaves, branches and tree sap. Consult your owner’s guide for recommended cleaning products and rinse the sides of your RV during cleaning to prevent damage to graphics, paint or decals. After cleaning, carefully inspect roof seams and sealants for breaks or leaks and reseal as necessary. Check your manual for sealants compatible with your RV’s roofing material. For more tips on RV roof maintenance, see Mark’s tips on

Be Careful Up There!

While regular roof maintenance requires more time and diligence than raw talent, do exercise proper caution before heading up the ladder. If you have balance or mobility issues, or if you are uncomfortable with heights, leave roof maintenance to the pros at your local RV service center. A fall could result in serious injury or death. Because RV roofs are not designed to be walked on (check your owner’s manual), Mark also recommends placing a 2-ft. x 4-ft. (or longer) piece of plywood across the roof rafters to distribute your weight. This will allow you to inspect the roof of your RV without damaging it.

The Pros are There When You Need Them

To prevent RV maintenance problems from putting the brakes on their travel plans, many RV owners schedule annual fall and spring service checks at an authorized RV service center. However as mentioned, many folks can manage regular roof maintenance chores.

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