After recently purchasing a nifty pre-owned 2002 Thor Wanderer Lite 215RL fifth wheel trailer, our first job in making it truly ours was to survey it for what we liked and wanted to keep and what we didn’t like and wanted to change or fix. Here’s what we discovered:

Likes and Dislikes

  • The bedroom area was roomy enough to sit up in bed and had tall storage cabinets on both sides of the bed. It had good natural light from the functional windows on both sides of the trailer.
  • The bed mattress sat on the carpeted floor and was a lower quality, pre-owned element that had to go.
Humans spend a third or more of their lives in bed. It's worth making sure that's a quality living/sleeping space.
Humans spend a third or more of their lives in bed. It’s worth making sure that it is a quality living/sleeping space.
  • There was a functional radio/cd player but not a TV.
  • There was lots of storage space throughout the interior of the RV but it could be even more useful if shelves were added inside some of the cabinets.
  • The dinette/rear lounge area was a great multi-purpose area with good light that could be used comfortably enough for eating, relaxing and watching TV or working at the laptop.
  • Even though the dinette table pulled out and away from the seats, it was still a bit awkward to work around.
  • There were not any roof vent covers. We’ve found these to be a necessity for comfort in ventilating especially when high winds and/or rain are present.
  • The electrical supply cord was damaged and needed replacement.
  • The tires were seven years old (date of manufacture is stamped on them). Even though they looked good, we knew that seven years is approaching the safe limit for stability of the rubber from which the tires are made.
  • The awning had a few small holes in it and one awning arm was slightly bent though not enough to affect the awning functioning.
  • The batteries were over five years old and near the end of their lives.
  • The hitch and steps were in reasonable shape but did have some rust and corrosion.
  • Exterior storage compartments were limited and small in size. We would need a place to store the necessary outdoor folding chairs and a folding table that were critical for enjoying the out of doors.
  • There was a small barbeque grill but we would replace it with our small Weber Grill.
  • The rear stabilizer jacks were not very sturdy. A sturdier set would be nice.
  • The front stabilizing jacks were manual but had the infrastructure to make them electronic.

After taking inventory, we asked ourselves what we had to have to make our first long trip the best trip possible related to the functionality and safety of our RV. What rose to the top of the list was the bed setup. So we jumped right in and began that project first. (For details about making the new bed, join us next week!)

It really is worth the time and effort to do an inventory of what you love, like and dislike about your new or used RV. From there you can prioritize the most important things to change first to make it a truly great RV for you and/or your family. Happy remodeling!

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