If you’re half-way serious about buying an RV, you might want to get all-the-way serious about reading Reviews on RVT.com — especially because the Reviews have been written by current (or past) owners about specific Brands and even down to Model numbers.

As you’ll quickly see from the Reviews, owners are not shy about speaking out.  They’ll give you the straight goods, (sometimes, a little too straight!)

Reading Between the Lines …

Of course, RVT’s Reviews are consumer-ranked and consumer-written and they represent the opinion of that individual.  It’s helpful to read several related Reviews to get a broad feel for the RV you’re researching.

And remember, don’t take too seriously either the super-negative or the super-glowing Reviews as there can be “sour grapes” or uncomfortably “raving fans” in any group of Reviews you might find.

RV Brands:  4.5 and 5 Star Rankings

Here are the highest Reviews rankings by RV Brand.  Some manufacturers have 2 or 3 Brands with the most 4.5 and 5 Star rankings.  Take a look:

Top Consumer Ranked RV Brands: Check out the Reviews: Browsing Links:
1.  Fleetwood Southwind Read Fleetwood Southwind Reviews Shop all Fleetwood Southwinds for sale on RVT.com
2.  Winnebago Adventurer Read Winnebago Adventurer Reviews Browse all Winnebago Adventurers
3.  Fleetwood Bounder Read Fleetwood Bounder Reviews Browse all Fleetwood Bounders
4.  Newmar Mountain Aire Read Newmar Mountain Aire Reviews Browse all Newmar Mountain Aires
5.  Fleetwood Discovery Read Fleetwood Discovery Reviews Browse all Fleetwood Discoverys
6.  Tiffin Allegro Read Tiffin Allegro Reviews Browse all Tiffin Allegros
7.  Tiffin Phaeton Read Tiffin Phaeton Reviews Browse all Tiffin Phaetons
8.  Tiffin Allegro Bus Read Tiffin Allegro Bus Reviews Browse all Tiffin Allegro Buses
9.  Monaco Dynasty Read Monaco Dynasty Reviews Browse all Monaco Dynastys
10.  Newmar Dutch Star Read Newmar Dutch Star Reviews Browse all Newmar Dutch Stars

NOTE:  When you use the Browsing Links above, you can further narrow down your Search Criteria in the left hand menu bar of that page on RVT.

Individual RV Models:  4.5 and 5 Star Rankings

Drilling down to the highest ranked Models within the Reviews on RVT.com can reveal some truly winning RVs.

Here is the list of the highest consumer ranked RV Models.  Check out the Reviews and Browsing Links below.

Top Consumer Ranked RV Models: Check Out the Reviews: Browsing Links:
1.  Newmar Mountain Aire 3778 Read Newmar Mountain Aire 3778 Reviews Shop all Newmar Mountain Arie 3778s
2.  Tiffin Allegro Bus 43QGP Read Tiffin Allegro Bus 43QGP Reviews Browse all Tiffin Allegro Bus 43QGPs
3.  Fleetwood Bounder 35E Read Fleetwood Bounder 35E Reviews Browse all Fleetwood Bounder 35Es
4.  Tiffin Phaeton 40QDH Read Tiffin Phaeton 40QDH Reviews Browse all Tiffin Phaeton 40QDHs
5.  Four Winds Siesta 24SA Read Four Winds Siesta 24SA Reviews Browse all Four Winds Siesta 24SAs
6.  Fleetwood Expedition 38N Read Fleetwood Expedition 38N Reviews Browse all Fleetwood Expedition 38Ns
7.  Winnebago Vista 26P Read Winnebago Vista 26P Reviews Browse all Winnebago Vista 26Ps
8.  Winnebago View 24J Read Winnebago View 24J Reviews Browse all Winnebago View 24Js
9.  Tiffin Phaeton 40QBH Read Tiffin Phaeton 40QBH Reviews Browse all Tiffin Phaeton 40QBHs
10.  Jayco White Hawk 21FBS Read Jayco White Hawk 21FBS Reviews Browse all Jayco White Hawk 21FBSs

NOTE:  At the time of this writing, RVT.com has at least 1 of each Model noted above currently listed for sale.  But remember, they are highly ranked (and therefore highly sought after) so, when you use the Browsing Links above, you might not find one available.  In that case, if you’re interested, you can Login to (or sign up for) your MyRVT Account and then set up a convenient Alert for yourself.  With an Alert, (on any model you choose,) RVT.com will automatically email you immediately when one of them gets listed for sale.

Reviews are a very important buyer’s tool.  Would you agree?  Keep an eye out for more articles about RVT.com’s RV Reviews over the coming months!

Quick Question:  What type of RV do you currently own?  How would you rate it?  Good?  Not so good?  Please feel free to write your own Review of your RV Make, Brand and Model on RVT.com here.

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