Last month I asked the more than fifteen-hundred members of three RV groups with pages on Facebook the same question.  I asked them what was their most valued or indispensible RV resource. The groups that I surveyed were: *Fulltime RVers, **RV Blogs and ***RVers Over 50. Here are some of their answers:

  • Teresa said that John and Kathy Huggins’ “Living the RV Dream” podcasts and website along with their book “So You Want to be a Fulltime RVer” are her favorite resources. As long-time RVers, the Huggins’ website has links to a variety of RV clubs, fuel price lookups, RV repair resources, RV parks and people to name a few.
  • Dorean said that she goes to YouTube and does a search for videos related to fixing her RV. She said “For just about anything you have a problem with, there is a video.”

RVs small old VWvan

  • Hope goes to “” (Airstream trailer rehabilitation) because what she finds there is transferable to just about any RV. Under “Forums” you can search such topics as general repair, exterior restoration, plumbing, electronics and winterizing the RV.
  • Angela favorite resource when she is on the road is “Next Exit” At the top of Next Exit’s home page, they inform you that “This site was founded by a frustrated traveler – tired of passing by the cheap gas exits and being hungry when no food exits are nearby.”
  • Sheila said that she uses, RV Parky for information and reviews for over 25,000 North America parks and camgrounds, and
  • Others said that they rely on the internet generally as a resource, on their GPS (Global Positioning System), Woodall’s Grade A Parks 2013 and various other Facebook social networking groups related to RVing.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t know about most of these resources and I’ve been RVing for twenty-five years. I particularly want to thank the members of Facebook’s Fulltime RVers, RV Blogs and RVers Over 50 for responding to my question. Happy and safe travels to you all.

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*Full-time RVers:  A group for those working and living from their RV year-round.

**RV Blogs: A place to share RV-related blogs with other RVers.

***RVers Over 50: Senior RVers share with one another.


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