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Living in an RV does not mean that you have to miss out on your favorite coffee. Although it may not be practical to take large coffee machines with you in your Class B, folding trailer, or other RV, there are still plenty of options when it comes to brewing high-quality coffee on the road.

Your Best Options When Making Coffee in an RV

For a coffee making device to be suitable for taking in an RV, ideally it’s able to function without electricity and is easy to clean and store.

With this criteria in mind, your three best options are:

  1. French Press
  2. Pour Over
  3. Moka pot

To help you choose which method is most suitable for you, here is a breakdown of the different options.

French Press: Best for Families

Person making coffee in French Press and pouring it into a cup
Person making coffee using a French Press

What is a French Press

A French Press is a cylindrical pot where you steep coffee grounds in boiling water before plunging it. French Press coffee is also commonly known as “plunger coffee”.

Who is a French Press Most Suitable For?

The main advantage that a French Press has over the other types of RV-friendly coffee makers is that you can make several cups of coffee simultaneously. A standard sized French Press can make three cups of coffee in one brew. Ideal for groups and families.

How to Make the Best Possible Coffee Using a French Press

To make the best possible coffee in a French Press you want to use coarsely ground coffee. Typically this coffee is labeled as being for French Press.

Other than coarseness, the other variables in making coffee in a French Press are your coffee-to-water ratio and steeping time. Ideally you want to use a coffee to water ratio of 1:14. This roughly means that for every eight-ounce cup of coffee that you want to make you should use three tablespoons of coffee.

You should brew your French Press coffee for 4-6 minutes. The longer you brew, the stronger your coffee will be.

Pour-Over Coffee: Best for Couples Traveling Together

Person making pour-over coffee outside with campstove nearby
Person making pour-over coffee

What is Pour-Over Coffee?

Pour-over coffee is the closest you can get to using a filter coffee machine in your RV. It involves pouring boiling water through coffee grounds held in a conical coffee filter made out of paper or wire mesh.

Although some use a paper filter, a wire mesh pour-over coffee filter is better for using in an RV as it can be cleaned and reused, meaning you never have the problem of running out of filters.

Who is the Pour-Over Most Suited For?

With the pour-over method, you can usually make two cups of coffee without needing to replace your grounds or change/clean your filter.

Therefore, it’s most suited for couples RVing together who both drink coffee, or for one person who enjoys more than one coffee to start their day.

How to Make the Best Possible Coffee with a Pour Over

To make the best possible pour-over coffee you should wet your grounds with a small amount of boiling water before you start pouring water through them. 

This is called “blooming” the coffee and will cause the ground coffee to release some of its oils which enhances the flavor of the final drink.

Once the coffee has bloomed for 30 seconds, simply pour the water through the coffee. Try to pour with a swirling motion so the water is not concentrated on a certain part of the coffee grounds.

Again, a 1:14 coffee to water ratio is perfect for a pour over.

Moka Pot: Best for Espresso Drinkers

Person making coffee in a moka pot on an RV stove
Person making coffee in a moka pot

What is a Moka Pot?

A moka pot is a stovetop pot that forces boiling water through coffee at a pressure of 2-3 bars.

Since the defining quality of espresso is that it is brewed under a high pressure, moka pots make coffee closer to an espresso than the other options listed here.

Who is a Moka Pot Most Suited For?

A moka pot is most suited to RVers who enjoy drinking espresso. 

While a moka pot will not technically make an espresso, the coffee that it creates does have several espresso-like qualities, including a rich flavor and thick consistency.

You can make two double espressos in one go with a moka pot, making it ideal for couples.

How to Make the Best Possible Coffee in a Moka Pot

You want to use medium-fine ground coffee in a moka pot. If the coffee is too fine, the pot will get clogged up. If it is too coarse, the coffee will be weak.

You want to use a coffee to water ratio of 1:7, meaning that for a double shot of espresso you want to use two tablespoons of coffee.

To use a moka pot, fill the bottom chamber with room temperature water and the middle chamber with the coffee. Put the moka pot on a medium-low flame on your hob. 

Your coffee is ready when the top of the pot is steaming so vigorously that you can hear the lid shaking.

Enjoy Coffee on the Road
There are few things more enjoyable than that first sip of coffee in a new location with a scenic view. If you are still looking for your perfect new or used RV to enjoy your coffee in, check out the amazing selection of RVs for sale on RVT.com.

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