RVs tend to stay in good working condition when you use them regularly and do some basic cleaning. But how do you keep a dormant or dirty RV looking its best?

Here are our best RV maintenance tips for cleaning and protecting your camper:

#1. Tighten up

As the blogger Love Your RV describes, thousands of miles of bumpy roads are like a series of tiny earthquakes shaking your RV. Over time, all those bumps make moving exterior pieces get loose, off kilter, and liable to break. Keep a tool kit handy and tighten the nuts and bolts between trips.

#2. Weatherstripping is mortal

Exterior problems tend to start with the edges and openings. Windows and doors need a tight, secure seal and that might require replacing the weatherstripping every few years or more. The plastic and rubber tend to wear out, letting water seep indoors and exposing the walls to moisture damage.

#3. Clean from the top down

Your RV is a roof over your head, so be sure to protect that roof. DoItYourselfRV says one of the best RV maintenance tips is simply to use a good polyester cover (or a steel carport, if you have the space). If you don’t have either, hose down and clean the roof periodically. Clean roofs prevent the dirty streaks that form on the sides from runoff.

#4. Prevent rust

Rails, awnings, and other metal mechanisms get squeaky, and then they turn rusty. Nip that in the bud with WD-40, silicone lubricant, or a similar product every few months. Make sure to avoid sticky products that will attract grimy buildup.

#5. Ventilation

Crack the windows during periods of non-use. Airflow keeps parts from warping or cracking due to overheating.

If your vehicle has seen better days, you might want to shop for a new RV. Until then, check out all our RV maintenance tips and for advice from RV experts.

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