From my recent informal survey of RVers about their most indispensable RV resources, I learned about Rex Vogel’s RV blog “Vogel Talks RVing”.

Rex started his blog in August 2010. His inspiration for the site went back fifteen years when he and his wife began their “snowbird” lifestyle. He is living his dream of snowbird traveling in an RV and through his site shares his passion for RVing, photography, hiking, and birding. He also provides RVers with information on current models of RVs, the latest in technology, RV parks and resorts, safety considerations, and RVing tips.

The target audience for “Vogel Talks RVing” is all past, present, and future RVers. So he writes about anything and everything related to RV travel and the RV lifestyle. “My content has appeal for both inexperienced and seasoned RVers as well as want-a-bees,” Rex stated.

I asked Rex what are the top five things RVers need to know today. Here is his list:

1. Do your homework prior to purchasing an RV.

Create a check list of “must haves” and “nice to haves.” Consider renting an RV for a week or two before making a purchase. Remember that not all manufacturers are created equal and not all dealers are created equal.

2. Make safety a high priority.

Ensure that you have working smoke, propane, and carbon monoxide detectors at all times. Turn off the propane at the tank before traveling. Control your weight; the weight of your RV, that is, and stay within limits determined by the manufacturer.

3. Check tire pressure regularly.

Major causes of tire failures are overloaded tires, under-inflated tires, old tires, and tires damaged by the ozone and UV rays. Keep in mind that RV tires age out before wearing out.

4. Keep an emergency supply kit ready…

…And determine who will grab it if you need to evacuate. Pack flashlights and batteries; rain gear; weather radio; a first-aid kit; non-perishable food; bottled water; blankets; prescription and nonprescription medication; pet supplies; copies of insurance policies, driver’s licenses, phone numbers, and credit cards.

5. Plug your RV into shore power with confidence by using electrical surge protection.

We have a 50-amp Electrical Management System (EMS) manufactured by Progressive Industries. It provides over-and-under voltage protection (below 104 and above 132 volts), 3-mode surge protection, reverse polarity protection, open neutral protection, open ground protection, built-in receptacle tester, built-in digital volt meter, and surge indicator.

This is the RV in which Rex Vogel spends his time and does his traveling.

This is the RV in which Rex Vogel spends his time and does his traveling.

Thank you tremendously Rex for sharing your expertise on RVing for RVers. Readers please take a look at Rex’s site and let us here at Insight RV Blog from know about the value you find there. Happy travels and be safe!

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