RVers have always been eco-conscious. Living and camping in the outdoors, RV campers have a special appreciation for our planet’s natural beauty and the responsibility we have to preserve it for future generations. Many RV campgrounds provide recycling bins and practice green campsite management. Here are some things you can do to go green when you RV:

— Follow recommended tune-up, maintenance and oil change schedules to keep your RV motorhome or tow vehicle running at peak efficiency. You’ll reduce vehicle emissions and conserve energy — and save money at the pump!

— Only use marked RV campsites and designated fire pits. Don’t toss plastic, foil or metal into the fire; recycle them.

— Minimize your use of disposable products. Make iced tea or lemonade instead of drinking canned soda. Instead of paper cups, buy reusable washable plastic cups, a different color for each family member. Substitute bandanas for napkins, and use sponges and washcloths instead of paper towels to wipe up spills.

— Purchase nontoxic tank additives and cleaning supplies for use in your RV and use biodegradable toilet paper.

— Use campground recycling centers. While traveling, use plastic buckets or paper bags to make a simple onboard recycling center for separating recyclables between campground stops.

— Dispose of trash in designated containers or carry home with you.

— Clean up after yourself at the campground shower house and dump station. Always pick up your campsite before leaving so it’s ready for the next camper.