Since hitting the road over three years ago in The Jazz, our 29-foot fifth-wheel trailer, my husband John and I have had continuous need for tools. From fixing little problems with the trailer to building stuff in the campgrounds where we volunteer as camp hosts.

An early fix in our travels included removing the glass shower door in the bathroom and replacing it with a shower curtain liner that hangs from a rod. The shower area was just too confining with the glass door. We tired of bruised elbows.

John put together a mechanical and electrical tool set and a wood working and carpentry tool set before we left Tucson in 2009. It was important to leave the heavy tools behind so as to keep the weight down. If necessary, electric saws or a chainsaw can be rented. Heavy mechanical wrenches were left behind also as we would probably have someone do a repair that needed that size of wrench.

Mechanical Tool Kit for a Fulltimer

Mechanical and Electrical Tool Kit for a Fulltimer

The mechanical and electrical tool set includes:

• Mechanics wrenches and sockets from 3/8 to 3/4 inches

• Small metric wrenches

• A pair of scissors

• A Sharpee

• Assortment of screwdrivers

• Assortment of pliers

• Wire cutter

• Electrical zip ties

• Electrical and Teflon tapes

• Compact toolbox (fishing tackle box works great) to hold screws, bolts, electrical fittings and nails

• Box cutter

The wood working and carpentry tool set includes:


•Caulking gun

•Extension cord (25 feet)



•Hack saw

•Hand saw

•Sanding block


•Assortment of nail and screws

•Heavy duty staple gun and staples

•3/8 corded electric drill (A rechargeable drill is extremely hard to maintain with intermittent electrical service.)

•Carpenter’s square


The most often building project using carpentry tools is a landing to go in front of our trailer door. The landing dramatically increases the comfort and safety at each new longer-term location.

Overall, the tool sets take up about three cubic feet in the storage bay and weighs about forty pounds. If you’re going on the road for an extended time, these are the basic tools you’ll need. Happy Trails!

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