The first episode of my dream to become a full-time RVer introduced you to my RV, whom I call “Franklin”,  for that is the name of the company that made him.  He was delivered to my RV lot as I anxiously awaited his arrival.  Timing was of the essence b/c I had just 3 weeks to find a safe place (which wasn’t easy to find) to stay, long-term, and close enough to work.  Well, I got the safe place, and the extended stay terms, but a 30-minute drive to work is a bit much, wouldn’t you say?  How much gas can my new Ford F250 Super Duty consume?  I will soon find out, unless I hopefully find a carpooler. (Please God:)


You know it’s a miracle from God because I received 3 contracts to purchase my home in the midst of this nationwide recession, all from qualified buyers and all in the same time frame!  So, whenever I tend to go toward an emotional tailspin, I remember that this is happening for a divine reason which will later be revealed.  I am a rock n roll musician, a late-blooming hippy chick, who dreams of singing and selling my CD’s globally.  Nobody is going to discover me if I stay in my cozy little home in Somewhere, Georgia.  I had to make this move to try and pursue my dream.  I just didn’t think it was going to be so hard emotionally.  I realize how attached I was to my home.  Selah.  I made some videos of my home so I could remember:

Ladies who are RV dreamers like me;  Please find your RV spot first.  It would have been a lot easier on my nerves if I’d done that, instead of buying my RV and then assuming it would be easy to find somewhere to stay.  I’ll spare you all of the depressing details, but I really took a hard blow trying to find a place to stay under such a short deadline.  Phew!  It all worked out, though, and although I’m staying too far from work, at least it’s safe and the people here are very friendly.  There’s a circle drive that goes around the outside perimeter of the resort so I can walk off some stress.  I ended up getting an end lot so I can have a little more privacy on my door side.  There’s even a little picnic table, a bar-b-que pit (I’m a vegetarian) and tall oak trees which signify strength.  I bought a couple of bird houses and need to borrow someone’s ladder to put them high enough in the branches so they’re safe from the cats that seem to be everywhere.  I planted a bell pepper plant, tomato plant, and cucumber plants in my window boxes.  I need to have greenery and plants around me.  I hope someday to take a course in master gardening.  Someone told me you can take college courses for FREE once you hit 62 years young:)

I had a secret fear about this whole RV plan: I was worried about having a real toilet ))) LOL … I was able to get one installed to the tune of $400: a ceramic top with a plastic bottom.  The sewer (black water) hook up was no big deal and I’ve actually done a “dump”, meaning I emptied the toilet water that is stored under my RV in a tank until I dump it.  OK.  I can do this.  Next, I need to learn how to fill a propane tank.  Maybe tomorrow.  Right now, the pressing item is the little brown ants that are everywhere!  I asked my neighbors if they’re having this issue, and I’m being told it’s because of all of the rain we’ve had.  These ants don’t have any boundaries … they even crawl on me in my bed.  Yikes!    This means WAR.  I went to Lowe’s and bought some ant cups yesterday.  Today, the ants are still coming on strong.  I guess it takes awhile to kill them off.  I do NOT like ants, spiders, or those nasty flying cockroaches that I’m told come up the drainpipes if there’s no p-trap (whatever that is).  I saw one of those huge, ugly bugs in my bathroom one night.  It scared the living daylights out of me.  It didn’t die easy.  I didn’t  like stepping on it because it make a LOUD CRUNCH.  Double yuck!  I cannot spray pesticide because I’m sensitive to chemicals.  I tried leaving essential oil peppermint on cotton balls b/c I’m told this will repel bugs, but it’s not working, folks.  Enough talk about the bugs.  My skin is starting to crawl…
I can do this.  I will try to look at all of the positive things and practice meditation to keep myself calm, and tomorrow, I’ll make myself feel better by getting my hair done!

Blessings,  DeVora Clark

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