A shady place to sit and sip a cold beverage, read a book or play board games with the kids can turn a sweltering summer day into a pleasant afternoon. But shade can be scarce in RV parks. The solution is simple:  carry your shade with you! RV awnings are one of the most popular RV accessories. They provide comfortable shelter from the sun and double as a giant umbrella when it rains.

It you’re shopping for an RV online, purchasing a motorhome with a factory-installed awning will make summer camping more pleasant. If the RV you own does not have an awning, a wide variety of after-market awnings are available which can be installed by most RV service centers. Many RVers prefer automatic awnings as they can be opened and closed easily with a remote, no hand cranking required.

Even though the air temperature is the same in the sun as it is in the shade, it can feel as much as 30 degrees hotter in the sun because we are feeling not just the heat in the air but the heat absorbed by our bodies and clothing and the things around us. An RV awning provides instant shade so you feel cooler.

Look for RV awnings under RV accessories on RVT.com and stay cool this summer!

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