Margo Armstrong is the author of a blog “Moving on with Margo” that covers nearly every topic imaginable about the retiree’s RV lifestyle. Join the first part (of two parts) of’s conversation with Margo right here.

Hi Margo. How long have you been RVing?

Margo: The RV lifestyle was a mystery to most people in 1995 when I purchased my first motorhome. RV parks at that time did not cater to the lifestyle. Only a few had full hookups and any promotion reduced to a small ad in an RV directory. To most people it was a primitive way to live. No television shows or movies about the lifestyle appeared, except those that defined trailer trash. I, however, saw the lifestyle as salvation. Running a technical writing company kept me on the go. The ability to sleep in my own bed at night, and have my family with me, this was the solution. With all the conveniences of home, the ability to move to a new location at the drop of a hat, I was hooked after the first month.


Margo Armstrong blog author “Moving On With Margo.”

How many RVs have you owned?

Margo: Currently on my third motohome, I scaled up from 32 to 40 feet for more office space, and then scaled down to 30 feet for solo travel.

What have been your top five RV destinations?

Margo: Living on the road for almost 19 years, it is difficult to name just five top destinations. In my younger days, I loved the Oregon and Washington coastal areas. Bandon-by-the-Sea in Oregon is just about perfect for a summer stay. The Portland and Seattle areas for live theatre, wild salmon and farmer’s markets rank second. These days it is too damp for my old bones.

The glittering city of San Diego never fails to excite me. Rolling down the coastal highway, watching the sun bounce off the sea starts the heart racing. There is an RV park south of the city that sits in a cove right next to a city park. You can walk to several restaurants from there or sit and watch the boats move in and out of the harbor. This is one of the few RV parks left along the San Diego coastline. Heaven on earth!

In the winter, for a dry and warm destination, Yuma, Arizona is a fun-filled strip of sunshine and sand. They have a small but excellent symphony there along with live theatre in a concert-rated auditorium. Their flea market is second to none.

The Phoenix area would be my next stop heading East. It offers great museums to visit, particularly the new one housing thousands of musical instruments. Plan to spend all day there listening to the music, enjoying live performances, and viewing all the exotic instruments.

Heading north from Phoenix, I would make a stop in the Verde Valley around March and April. The enchanting city of Sedona with its art galleries and red rocks is worth a day or two.

I love to go to Balloon Festivals, and the one in Albuquerque, New Mexico ranks among the top five in the country. Every state along the southern border has a balloon festival sometime during the year, it is all about the weather and wind current.

Tell us about your RV lifestyle today?

Margo: After full-timing for almost 19 years, I have learned to slow down and be content to stay for a few months at a time in the same place. I love this lifestyle as it gives independence, freedom, and a variety of choices every day. What other way of life provides that. You can become irresponsibly responsible and live a “green” lifestyle. You contribute to society every day by helping others, picking up trash, volunteering when you can, and leaving every space you vacate a better place. You cannot leave your rig without encountering an opportunity to serve the community.

(Stay tuned for Part II of Margo Armstrong’s Interview.)

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