Nick Russell is probably the most well-known fulltime RVer in North America because he publishes an RVers’ newsletter – The Gypsy Journal. But Nick is also famous for his success with the mystery series that he wrote and sells while fulltiming with his wife Terry. Here’s an interview with Nick about his mystery series.

Levonne: You now have five (5) books in your Big Lake mystery series. Could you describe the series?

Nick: I have five out now. Big Lake Blizzard was published in April.

Levonne: How did you come up with the idea for a mystery series?
Nick: Believe it or not, I dreamed the entire story of the original Big Lake book over a period of about four or five nights. It was like dreaming a mini-series from TV at night. My wife, Terry said, “Oh, you have to write that!” So I did.

Levonne: What inspired you to choose the geographical setting for your series?
Nick: We had lived in a small town in northern Arizona’s White Mountains, where I owned the local newspaper, so it just seemed the right setting.

Levonne: What has the response to your series been?
Nick: Beyond my wildest expectations. The original Big Lake book has sold over 160,000 copies to date. The other three books in the series have not sold in those numbers, but each has done very well.

Levonne: Will there be more books in the series?
Nick: Yes, I have at least three more Big Lake books rattling around inside my head waiting to get out.

Levonne: When and where do you write?
Nick: I write something every day. At least my daily blog, which is 500+ words. I work on my novels as the mood strikes me. When I’m in writing mode I may do 5,000+ words a day. We live and travel fulltime in our motorhome and I have a custom built workstation. So the view out my window may be the Florida Keys, the Rocky Mountains, the Arizona desert or wherever we happen to be at the time.

Levonne: What advice would you give to aspiring mystery writers?

Nick: Read a lot. Read mysteries, read true crime books, read anything and everything even if they are not your usual topics.

Levonne: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans and fans-to-be?

Nick: Thank you! If it were not for your support, I’d just be a voice in the wilderness.

Nick Russel and Miss Terry, fulltime RVers.

Nick Russel and Miss Terry, fulltime RVers.

Levonne: How can people contact you?
Nick:  I’m easy to find. My e-mail is, My daily blog at covers all kinds of topics. I also have a Facebook page at

Thank you Nick Russell for the interview. readers can read last year’s interview with Nick Russell as he talked about he and his wife Terry’s fulltime RV lifestyle


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