Jason and Nikki Wynn call themselves perpetual travelers and modern day documentarians. In 2010, at 28 years of age, this couple decided to uproot themselves from their successful urban lives in Dallas, Texas to live more authentically as eco-friendly, full-time RVers.

The Wynns early in their marriage decided that the dream of “boy meets girl, couple gets mortgage payment, 60-hour work weeks, two and a half kids, two weeks of vacation a year and if you survive, retire at 60” sounded exhausting and wasn’t their version of the American Dream.

Why an RV? On their website ‘Gone With the Wynns‘, they say “We love the idea of having all the comforts of home while traveling and we hate the hassle of having to book flights and hotels and live by a defined schedule. Plus, there is just no better way to explore North America than by RV.”

First the Wynns traveled in a 1985 VW camper then graduated to a 2009 30-foot Damon Avanti. Later they acquired a 2010 32-foot Monaco Vesta. Currently they call home their 2014 33-foot Fleetwood Excursion named Roy (after Jason’s grandpa).

This young couple calls camping in the wild without hookups “life off the cord.” What makes living off the cord workable? They credit their success to having a composting toilet, a water system that creates pure healthy water and conserves the daily water flow and a convertible Smart Car.

You might ask how the Wynn’s finance their lifestyle. It is one of the questions that they answer in the FAQ section of their website. http://www.gonewiththewynns.com/faq Right up front, they say that they are not rich but did work hard and saved money for their launch.

As time has progressed on the road, they say that they make money through photography, video and travel writing. Their essential work tools are laptop computers, cell phones and camera gear. (In his pre-RV life, Jason owned a successful photography company and Nikki owned a successful makeup and styling business.) Their dream job would be a commission to travel from National Park to National Park capturing the beauty in those places.

Oh and did I say they are traveling with their two cats? One being a rescued silver Bengal leopard mix.

Three years into their journey, the two had traveled over 50,000 miles and through 45 states and two countries. They can’t see themselves leaving their RV life anytime soon.

On their website they do talk of sailing around Europe or Nikki going for her pilot’s license and getting a plane. Evidently they feel that their possibilities are endless and they tell us that ours are too. Anyone up for an adventure challenge or just want to learn more about the Wynns? You can read and see some of their videos in theĀ about section of their website.

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