Workers on Wheels has been a resource for fulltime RVers that wish to find work along the way for years. But have you ever wondered who is behind that newsy list of work opportunities? I know I have and so I interviewed it’s editor, Colleen Sykora. Here’s what we talked about.

Levonne: Nice to meet you Coleen Sykora. What is the essence of your Workers on Wheels publication?

Coleen: Providing education and encouragement for others who are interested in working while RVing.

Coleen Sykora, Editor of Workers on Wheels

Coleen Sykora, Editor of Workers on Wheels

L: What is your relationship with the Workers on Wheels enewsletter?
C: I write and publish it. My husband helps. The e-zine is an off-shoot of the printed-on-paper Workers On Wheels newsletter that turned into the Workers On Wheels print magazine. Those versions morphed into the website and e-zine that we have today.

L: How long have you been involved with the newsletter?
C: From the beginning planning stages in 1993. We published the first issue of the Workers On Wheels newsletter in February 1994.

L: Why did you become involved?
C: We were 32 years old when we started full-time RVing. People often asked how we could afford to travel and live on the road. We explained that we worked as we traveled. That led to more questions. We excitedly shared about our life.

Two types of comments usually followed our story. People wanted to know if they could live like we do, and if so, how. And, they told us that we should write it down. The purpose of the newsletter was — and still is — all about helping folks, showing how to be full-time RVers while still earning a living.

L: Are you a working RVer yourself?
C: Yes. We write what we live. My husband and I started working and RVing back in 1991. We have a lot of experiences to share, and we hope others can benefit from them.

L: Is this a business for you that earns an income? If so, how?
C: Yes. We do some affiliate marketing, we receive commission on some of the things we sell, and other things we sell outright. We also have ads on the website. And, we use it to promote our Watkins Summit Group business.

L: Please describe your Summit Group business.

C: It’s a work from home business that we can do anywhere our travels take us. Our Summit Group motto pretty much sums it up: Having fun. Helping friends. Creating wealth. Reaching dreams. If you’d like to see if it might be right for you, visit here.

L: How have you built your newsletter network?
C: Providing honest information. We don’t always go along with the trends. We risk ruffling feathers. We serve both working RVers and employers, and both groups know we are going to tell it like we see it.

L: How many people are signed up for your newsletter?
C: Thousands. Along with sending it out by email, we post it free of charge on our website where we don’t require our readers to register for it, so I don’t have exact numbers.

Workers on Wheels Webpage

Workers on Wheels Webpage

L: Do you ever hear from people about leads they got from your newsletter?
C: Yes, almost daily. We’ve posted some of them on the testimonials pages of the website. It’s truly gratifying when people write telling us how sharing our experiences have changed their lives and allowed them to live their dreams.

L: What do you want readers of blog to know about you and your newsletter?
C: Visit our blog.
L: Do you have any advice for those who are seeking to take to the road fulltime and find work along the way?
C: The two most important things you need for finding work on the road are desire and determination. There is work most everywhere for most everyone.

I also advise people to never spend a lot of time and money traveling somewhere for the sole purpose of accepting a job they’ve seen advertised.


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