As RVers, we know that there’s nothing better than basking in the beauty and fresh air of the great outdoors. And there are so many great ways to explore the wilderness, take in the scenery, and make memories that will last a lifetime. From fishing to glamping, there are all kinds of diverse hobbies that folks enjoy out in nature, and there are just as many diverse motorhomes that can not only get you to your destination, but are also tailored to empower you to enjoy your hobbies. To help outdoors hobbyists find their next camper, RVT is breaking down six popular hobbies and the RVs built to accommodate them.

1. Kayaking

After a long day of driving on land, you are ready to explore the nearest waterway at your campground. Cruising the calm waters while kayaking is an enjoyable way to be immersed in nature, and for that, it is among one of the most popular outdoor hobbies. The Winnebago Era and the Winnebago Travato are two types of RVs that are particularly kayak-friendly – with spacious roofs, you can easily mount and secure a kayak rack on top of your RV.

2. Hiking

Rough terrain, extreme heights, and breathtaking views are among the various factors accompanying hiking. Due to the rugged destinations of hiking trails, some RVs may not be equipped with the correct accommodations to last in these desolate areas. For that, solar powered RVs are a popular option, as they provide more freedom for the intense hiker. Since hiking excursions can be extensive, possessing a solar powered RV, such as the Stella Vita, is a great option. These RVs provide the ability to camp anywhere – as long as the sun is out. This will ensure that all of your batteries for your electronics are powered while you are out exploring.

3. Fishing

As one of the most popular hobbies whether you are on a boat or on land, fishing is entertaining no matter where you are. While camping, fishing may also be as much of a necessity as it is recreational. And, for some campers, cooking your big catch is the most thrilling aspect. Though grilling your fish over a campfire is a basic way to cook while camping, it is even more helpful to have an RV equipped with an outdoor kitchen that will accommodate your haul. The Dutchmen Atlas is one of the most popular trailer options that has everything you need – a small refrigerator for staging, a sink, and a two-burner cooktop. The Forest River Forester Classic RV is another great option for the avid fisherman that is equipped with a full outside kitchen. Providing a large refrigerator, a sink, a pull-out cooktop, and lots of storage and prep space, this Class C camper is an excellent choice.

4. Gold panning

As a hobby that can be lucrative if you are both lucky and skilled, gold panning is a simple, fun activity to do while trekking across the country. Since panning for gold usually requires remote areas, an RV that is equipped for off-the-grid amenities is the best option. The solar powered Stella Vita, as mentioned in the Hiking section, is an ideal camper for these long excursions – at its full charge it can travel up to 450 miles, allowing you to search for gold in the middle of nowhere without needing to worry about recharging at a nearby campground.

5. Glamping

Glamping, or glamorous camping, possesses a certain luxurious lifestyle, yet some regard it as an upscale hobby. For that, there are numerous high-end campers that possess state-of-the-art amenities any glamper will not want to pass up. The pinnacle of RV glamping is the Newmar King Aire luxury RV. This Class A behemoth ticks all the boxes of the ultimate glamping experience from the comfort of your motorhome. Equipped with a full kitchen, two bathrooms, a master suite, washer and dryer, plenty of storage space, and two QLED TVs, you won’t want to leave this RV haven.

6. Mountain/tour/dirt biking and ATV/UTVing

For the fast-paced thrill seeker, adventure sporting is an entertaining hobby, especially if you own an RV. From mountain, tour, and dirt biking to ATV or UTVing, toy haulers are among the best RVs for accommodating these vehicles, or ‘toys’. Since toy haulers are equipped with a garage, simply load up your various toys and travel to your favorite destination for adventure sporting. The Winnebago Spyder, and Genesis Supreme are spacious toy haulers that have sufficient capacity to fit multiple vehicles while simultaneously providing an adventurous camping experience.

From casually kayaking or sporting on an ATV, there is an RV for all types of hobbies. If you are interested in a new or used RV to accommodate your favorite hobby, check out for current listings. Be sure to use the filter option to narrow your search to choose the RV that best caters to your hobbies and preferences.

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