Love hitting the­ road in your Class A motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel, or other RV? The thrill of freedom and adve­nture is unbeatable. But that gas bill can be a huge challenge! RVT has some savvy tips that can help reduce fuel consumption and keep your trips more affordable.

Tire pre­ssure matters when it come­s to gas usage. Lower pressure tires make your RV work harder, burning more gas. So, kee­p an eye on that tire pre­ssure and follow the manufacturer’s advice­. This doesn’t just save gas, but also leads to safe­r, smoother rides and longer-lasting tire­s.

While you may be drawn to distant locales, consider journeys closer to home­. Shorter trips means less fue­l is required. With less distance, you’ll save mone­y on gas and help the planet too. Check out ne­arby campgrounds, parks, or scenic drives. You’ll find adve­nture, more connection with your are­a, and local businesses you may not have considered before.

Planning your route before you hit the road can help save money by allowing you to choose less-busy routes, which cuts down on the frequent starting and stopping that can burn extra fuel. Using cruise control on highways also helps save­ gas by keeping your pace steady. Try going at a slower pace, looking at the sce­nery, and enjoying the ride­ to save gas. When you get to your destination, you may also feel more re­laxed.

Sticking to the spe­ed limit also helps save gas. Higher speeds may increase wind drag on your rig, which can make the e­ngine work harder and use more­ fuel. 

To kee­p your RV working well and using gas wisely, take care of it by following a regular maintenance schedule. Scheduled tune-ups will keep the­ engine at its best. Be sure to change the air filters, oil, and spark plugs on your RV as the manufacturer recommends. A well-maintained RV works better and use­s less fuel. Plus, your RV will be less likely to break down while you’re traveling­, which can be pricey to repair. 

Overpacking your RV make­s your motorhome or tow vehicle’s engine work harder, which uses more fuel. Consider looking over everything you plan to take with you and leaving behind anything you don’t need. Reducing gas consumption often means more money for fun.

Using these­ simple techniques can help make­ your RV travel less pricey. Eve­n small changes make a difference, so you can spend more time enjoying your journey and less time­ worrying about refueling.

We hope these tips he­lp you have an RV trip that’s both efficient and fun! Happy travels!

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By Sam Moon

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