As warm weather creeps in, you may be itching to rouse your Class C motorhome, travel trailer, or other RV from its winter hibernation and hit the road. Spring break is the perfect chance to take your family and friends on a week-long getaway to soak in the beautiful, crisp spring air and surround yourself with blossoming nature. As campgrounds fill quickly during this time of year, it may seem stressful booking a spot for spring break. To help out, RVT has provided a few tips on how to strategically book a campsite during spring break.

1. Do your research

With thousands of campsite options to choose from during your spring break vacation, booking can become overwhelming. Filter your preferences and select destinations that best fit your plan. Research a few different campsite spots and be sure to explore other nearby sites if you are unsuccessful with your first option. As spring break is a great time for events, it is beneficial to call the campground to ensure these events will not impact campsite availability or accessibility. This may also dictate your choice—if you are looking for a lively spring break vacation spot, search for destinations in the south that tend to be warmer in the spring. On the other hand, if you desire a more serene, peaceful destination, you may want to check out chillier spring destinations in the north, as fewer vacationers gravitate to a cold environment during spring break.

2. Book early

With many people eager to escape their winter haven and ready for adventure, spring break camping destinations tend to be popular across the nation. For that, it is imperative to be proactive. Begin planning your trip during the winter season and book as early as possible. This will give you a leg up and allow you to get the campsite you want.

If you wish to camp at a national park, be ready to book as soon as reservations are available. Set reminders on your phone or other electronic devices, so that you and your family do not miss the opportunity to make a reservation.

Due to their popularity, national parks fill up very fast, so don’t be upset if you cannot reserve a space. Continue checking back to see if any sites have opened up.

Pro Tip: Keep your dates flexible and widen your range on campsites – this may provide more availability.

For more available sites, consider visiting a state park or a private campground for spring break. Various resources are accessible to provide booking windows for campsites. Check out popular reservation websites and apps, including,, and

Private campgrounds are innumerable, making these campsites readily available for spring break excursions. Various websites and apps make booking simple. For example, and the KOA app are a couple useful resources that make campsite booking streamlined and easily manageable.

3. Forgo the popular destinations

If you are unsuccessful in booking your dream spring break destination, have a backup plan and forgo the popular destination. Instead, choose a campsite that still meets your needs. If you still cannot find a campsite, consider altering your expectations. For example, features over 16,000 campgrounds and gives the user the ability to select amenities. By refraining from filtering your desired amenities, you will have better luck finding an available campsite that might be outside your preferences, yet still provide enough amenities for it to be enjoyable. Depending on the attraction, it is ideal to set your radius scope between 50 to 100 miles from your destination.

Choosing a secondary destination also has its perks. First, you are more likely to find an adequate campsite that ticks all your “needs”. Additionally, as the less-popular option for spring break vacationers, the campsite will be less touristy, giving you more freedom to enjoy nature in a less rowdy, peaceful setting. 

Whether you plan to book your spring break vacation at a national park or a private campground, it is essential to research beforehand. Reserve your space as early as possible since most spots fill up instantly. Don’t forget to widen your parameters, as you will discover more excellent, available campground choices that you won’t want to miss. If you are in search of a  diesel pusher, toy hauler or other RV for your spring break adventure this season, be sure to check out the online marketplace on for new and used RVs near you.

By Alex Hoyes

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