As technology continues to develop, opportunities for remote work continue to rise. Gone are the days in which every employee in every industry is required to be in an office space. If you’re a weekend warrior who wishes you could travel more, why not take your work on the road full time, completing tasks and taking meetings from beautiful and exotic destinations across the country? For those thinking about making the change, here are twelve surprising remote jobs that you may be able to do in your RV—if you get permission from your company/manager, of course!

1. Virtual Tutor

As many companies go global and shift to virtual video calls, tutoring is becoming a popular remote job. Park your RV in an area with Internet or WiFi service, login via your cell phone or computer, and begin teaching a student or class. This option is great if you have a background in a specific subject. If you have the right experience and love to travel, tutoring from your mobile home might be the most ideal job for you.

2. Travel Writer

Since you are already voyaging in your RV, you may as well make money while doing it, right? Travel companies are always looking for content from people who frequently travel and can compare destinations. Once you’re done exploring an area, hop in your RV and write about your experience. 

3. Graphic Designer

As the digital age ushers in new opportunities, digital art has become more popular. For that, graphic designers can sketch from almost anywhere – all they need is the correct tools, which often involves a software program on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. Enjoying scenic views from your RV is a great way to inspire your art.

4. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant manages similar administrative tasks as a receptionist or executive assistant, such as setting appointments and organizing important files, but handles their work entirely online. As this job is strictly online, a virtual assistant could be a perfect job and may only require you to carry a laptop with you on your RV travels.

5. Smartphone Software Developer

If you have a background in programming and are a self-starter, a smartphone software developer may be up your alley for remote work in your mobile home. You can comfortably code away, creating and updating apps that make people’s lives easier, from the passenger seat of your RV or in a lawn chair by the campfire.

6. Online Translator

Are you proficient in another language? If so, working as a translator from the comfort of your mobile home will be a breeze. Connect with companies or individuals who require interpretations of spoken or written words. You may even choose to take your RV travels international, visiting countries where that language is spoken to keep your translation skills sharp.

7. Recording Artist

As more musical software programs online become more advanced, it is much easier to record and produce music from the comfort of your home or, in this case, your mobile home. If your RV is equipped with soundproofing, audio, and recording equipment, making music in an RV may not be as far-fetched as it sounds.

8. Data Entry Clerk

Gathering data and reporting information to computer databases can be done from pretty much anywhere nowadays. Since data entry clerks often need to contact people to verify information, make sure you park your RV in an area with good cellular service.

9. Medical Billing Specialist

Not all medical-related jobs require on-site monitoring. For instance, a medical billing specialist works with insurance companies, offices, hospitals, and patients to calculate and collect medical procedure payments. Their expertise in entering data and using medical billing codes can even be done in the comfort of an RV.

10. Mental Health Case Manager

Another job in the medical field, mental health case managers serve as liaisons between patients and therapists. This field usually requires at least a bachelor’s or master’s degree in social work or psychology, but, if you’re qualified, this is a great opportunity for those who want to travel and remain in the mental health field.

11. Recruiting Coordinator 

As a type of human resource specialist, recruiting coordinators work with businesses and potential employees by reviewing applications, conducting interviews, and making hiring suggestions. If you have a degree in business administration and enjoy traveling, consider this occupation for remote work in your RV.

12. Accountant

In the past, accountants required physical sheets of paper and a hand-held calculator to do their job effectively. Nowadays, most accounting work can be done strictly on a computer. For that, this is a prime job for the RV traveler who is adept in accounting.

Working from home is becoming the norm in today’s technology age. However, if you don’t already work from home, making the transition not only requires permission from your company/manager, it also takes a strong level of discipline to keep yourself on-track and productive in the more casual environment. And, of course, doing remote work in your RV is another level of difference, requiring you to invest in the needed technology to remain online so that you can satisfy your work responsibilities no matter where you are.  If you have the option to work remotely, certainly consider which RV would be best for this transition.  Whether that may be something smaller like a Class B RV or perhaps a little larger like a Class C unit or, you might even consider a work-friendly travel trailer.

All of that to say, working full time from your RV is a big change that will certainly not be a fit for everyone, and it’s something you and your employer will have to seriously consider before making a decision. However, for those in the right situation, remote working from your RV can also be an exciting opportunity. If you are interested in purchasing a new or used RV, for remote work or just to go on vacation, check out

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