With the RV season around the corner, now is the time to brighten things up in your vehicle with designs and decorations. Small changes can make a big difference without having to put too much time, work, or money into a project. When you update and refresh your RV, it can add style, make things more comfortable, and give your vehicle more personality. For inspiration, here are RVT’s 10 ideas for decorating your RV.

1. Add Color to Your RV

Brighten things up and make your RV more lively with colorful additions to your interior. You can go with a color scheme that’s vibrant and bold or more subtle and stylish. Put a fresh coat of paint on your walls, add a backsplash to your kitchen, or create patterns with your bathroom floor tiles.

2. Create a Theme for Your RV

Creating a theme for your RV can guide you when picking out new decorations and designs. Think about your interests, style, and how you use your vehicle. You could go with themes inspired by camping or being outdoors, roadtrips and travel, a vintage and cool feel, or a modern and sleek style.

3. Pick Out the Right RV Decor

With your theme in mind, decorate the walls of your RV with maps, photos, posters, pennants, decals, mirrors, or chalkboards. Add some accents to your living space with things like plants or seashells, knick knacks and accessories. If you’ve traveled across the country in your RV, put out souvenirs from places you’ve visited.

4. Decorate Your RV with Lights

Lights set the mood and can cheer you up when you’re dining with family, entertaining friends, or relaxing outside with your RV. You can string up colorful rope lights to drape around your living space or awning, or hang up pendant lights for a stylish appeal. You could also set up accent lighting for a soothing effect with battery candles or salt lamps.

5. Accessorize Your RV Kitchen

Little gadgets and utensils can go a long way for a small price when you accessorize your RV kitchen. Spice or wine racks, jars for herbs, coffee gear and kettles, playfully shaped plates and bowls, placemats, cookware, and glassware take things up a notch when dining in your RV. Adding these improves the kitchen ambiance.

6. Pamper Your RV’s Bathroom

Pamper your RV bathroom with a new shower curtain, towels, and a matching floor mat. Get creative with decor and designs with your soap dispenser and mounts for your toothbrushes and other toiletries. Place incense or fresh cut herbs and flowers in a jar to add some pleasant smells in your grooming space.

7. Redo the RV Bedroom

Put in a new headboard for your bed, then add colors and patterns with pillows, covers, and your comforter. Sticking with your theme, find some decorative curtains. Shop for a trendy alarm clock for your nightstand and a lamp for bedtime reading.

8. Enliven the RV Living Space

Whatever colors and themes you go with, pick out new pillows and a throw for those days when you want to be a couch potato in your RV. Get some new outdoors items like lawn or lounging chairs, an awning, and accessories for a cookout or barbecue. These all improve the experience, whether you’re RVing for work or play, or have found a great camper you can live in full time.

9. Make Room in Your RV with Storage Space

Even in a small RV or travel trailer, you can find clever ways to create storage space, plus it’ll clean things up and keep clutter organized. Use hanging baskets for various objects like shoes or cleaning supplies. Put in new shelves for books and kitchenware. Use a magnetic strip for cooking utensils in your kitchen.

10. Upgrade Your RV Furniture and Appliances

Making improvements like putting in new RV furniture or appliances may cost more, but will refresh your RV. These additions could create more value for your vehicle when it’s time to trade up to a new RV. Go with your theme and put in new seating, a fridge, or even a stove.

No matter the size of your vehicle, there are so many opportunities for decorating your RV. This is your chance to recreate your space and show off your personality and style. If you’re looking to purchase a new or used RV, be sure to see all of the nationwide listings available on RVT.com!

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