You may already know that is the premier online RV classified site in North America for buying and selling recreational vehicles, but there’s so much more! To provide our readers with some additional background, and to point out some of the great features of the site, we reached out to the RVT Brand Manager, Chris Mapson, to provide the inside scoop.

History Of

RVT is celebrating 20 years in business! The site was started by a family-owned RV dealership that was looking for a way to advertise its RVs for sale while wondering if “this Internet thing” was really going to catch on – or not! What began with just a few hundred listings of RVs-for-sale has now evolved into an industry leader which offers an easy-browsing experience for RV shoppers while it also includes a number of helpful solutions for RV sellers as well.

What Can Visitors Expect?

RV buyers can find all manner of motorhomes and campers, both new and used. Searches can be filtered by RV type, make or brand, price points, and location. For example, it’s easy to search for a new Thor Class A RV within your budget and in your local area. Once you find a unit you like, RVT helps you connect directly with the seller.

“With such a huge selection of RVs listed for-sale (over 120,000 at this writing) – we’re certain that you’ll be able to find a number of RVs that could be a great fit for you and your family,” says Mapson. “From Class A, B, B+, and C RVs, to fifth wheels, travel trailers, and toy haulers, RVT has a diverse range of units – and price points – that serve all kinds of RV lifestyles.”

RVT is also a haven for RV sellers, as well. This includes both dealers and private sellers. The marketplace generates over a million site visits every month, putting dealership inventory in front of motivated buyers.

“We’re a formidable force in the marketplace for RVs,” says Mapson. “If you think of a typical RV store, you might imagine there would possibly be five to 25 people on the lot at any given time. RVT on the other hand, will often have 600 (or more) individual RV shoppers – at one time – in our online RV showroom combing through listings, looking for a unit that catches their eye. A vibrant and robust marketplace that’s designed to simplify and improve the RV shopping experience for today’s RV consumer buyer.”

Let’s Talk About Benefits

The RVT site is useful because it is built with the consumer in mind; how they can find the right unit for them and easily connect with dealers. One way to do so is to create a “My RVT” account. You can run searches and fine tune them down to extremely granular levels. Then My RVT saves your searches so that when you next log in, you can pick right up where you left off. You can even save searches using keywords and phrases such as “outdoor kitchen“ or the ever-popular “bunkhouse”.

Another useful feature is an alert function that lets the consumer know when a unit you may be searching for becomes available for sale.

“For example, I’m a 1960’s muscle car fan,” says Mapson. “I’ve often gone into car lots where they feature these older cars and asked them, ‘Can you let me know if you ever get in a late-60s Camaro? I sure would like to have dibs on one.’ The salesman usually has no way of being able to do that. 

But here at RVT, we have that functionality built in and totally automated for consumers who are looking for specific RVs. You can easily turn on:  Notify me with New Listings that Match this Search:   16-ft. Airstream Bambi listed for sale near San Diego, as an example.  RVT will then email you as soon as a unit which matches your chosen criteria becomes listed for sale within your described geography.”

Not Just A Website

A lot of websites attempt to make things as automated as possible. At RVT, we also want to provide ease-of-use to our RV shopper audience, but we are not without a strong and helpful Customer Support Team as well.  This Team handles all kinds of calls from sellers, asking things like, “How do I upload my photos?” Even though the processes on are simple and user friendly, there are some customers who don’t have a computer or the Internet. In fact, we even have some customers who mail us their photos so we could scan and drop them into a listing for the customer.

So, if you’re a seller who needs a little help setting up your listing or managing your ad, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-677-4484, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. You can also Email us, Live Chat with us, or you can send a Text to 206-401-8464. Visit our Customer Support page for additional information, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

And buyers are welcome to contact RVT, too!

“What buyers typically call about is sometimes they may not have yet heard back from a seller,” says Mapson. “They’ve inquired with the seller maybe once or twice and if they haven’t heard back, there are a few things RVT can sometimes do to help buyer and seller get connected. For example, some private sellers might choose to NOT include their phone numbers on their listing.  If the buyer has emailed the seller with no response, RVT might be able to call the seller on behalf of the buyer and say, ‘Hey, you’ve received a couple of emails. Can you take a look at this one from Dave Smith?’ Then we’ll give Dave’s phone number to the seller as well. RVT tries to do everything we can to help buyers and sellers connect.”

Connections Are Key

Whether you’re new to RVing or you’re a seasoned veteran, the one thing Mapson wants consumers to know is that their dealer is a wealth of knowledge and can help with a variety of issues or questions.

“Many of the seasoned veterans who work at RV dealerships in this industry have been in the business for 20, 25, 30 years,” he says. “Normally, they know this equipment inside and out. Also, they know things like where all the great local camping is!

“There’s never a bad question to ask your dealer. When you’ve got that dialog going, you’re building trust with your dealer. You’re doing yourself a favor when you contact your dealership. Have that dialog. Go visit. Kick those tires. Kick those baseboards. Ask a lot of questions. 

If you’re wondering anything about owning, buying, towing or traveling in an RV, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your dealer. Call them up. Talk to them. Because these guys are so often incredibly helpful. We know how great dealers are. We work with expert RV dealers all day long. And they are a wealth of knowledge.”

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By Barrett Baker

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