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Greetings All You RV Drivers and Haulers,

The goal of this section is to take you window shopping and to give you a idea of the brands and products out there for our consumption. Since I’ve never used most the products, I can’t vouch personally for them. But I can sift through some of what’s written about a particular product, pass along some reviews or direct you where you can go to learn more. RVT.com would love to hear from you if you have had experience with a product whether positive or cautionary.

Roadtrek Partners with GoSun Stove – A Winning Combo!

SunGo Solar Cookstove

GoSun Solar Stove

GoSun Stoves harness the power of the sun to cook a meal in as little as 20 minutes. Their fuel free method of cooking leaves no mess or flames and it’s versatile enough to steam, bake, fry or roast almost anything that can fit inside the cooking trays.  

GoSun’s innovative use of solar energy to cook meals brought Roadtrek (who was already offering leading technologies to take their coaches off the grid) to team up with GoSun to offer their sport edition stove as part of their E-Trek package.

“We love what GoSun Stoves bring to the table from an eco-friendly standpoint. Our owners are always looking at ways to stay off the grid longer, the ability to boondock has become an increasingly popular way to RV and GoSun Stoves are a perfect match with our owners lifestyle” notes  Jim Hammill, Roadtrek President and CEO. “We have tested the stoves in a variety of locations with different types of foods and every time the GoSun delivers a perfectly cooked delicious meal that everyone just raves over” adds Jim Hammill.

Watch an interesting video of the GoSun Stove in action at the Roadtrek factory here.  Also, here’s a link to GoSun’s website or you can even purchase a GoSun of your very own here!


Garmin’s New Navigation system

New Garmin Navigation System

A 6-inch navigator specifically with the RV driver in mind was announced in a press release last month. Garmin’s RV 660LMT warns about road issues like bridge height, weight limits and sharp curves. Custom routing takes into account the size and weight of the RV when preparing a route for you. It also contains a filterable directory of RV parks and services.

Additional features designed to simplify the journey on the open road include …

  • Easy Route Shaping, which allows RVers to change their routes to include preferred roads or cities just by touching the screen.
  • The Up Ahead feature displays a constant stream of nearby places like fuel services, rest areas and campsites along the map.
  • Bird’s Eye and
  • photoReal Junction View help drivers navigate interchanges with ease and
  • Active Lane Guidance shows a live-action model on the display indicating the proper lane needed for the route.

Very handy!

“The new RV 660LMT offers a dedicated solution for customers focused on specific RV-friendly features.”

Bluetooth Stereo

July 2015 Jensen Bluetooth Stereo

Here’s a thoroughly modern stereo which, as a replacement for your older unit, fits perfectly into most RVs where your existing, outdated model now resides.

Jensen’s JWM6A AM/FM/DVD/CD/USB Bluetooth Stereo with app control claims to have all the latest technological advancements to make sure you have the best stereo on the market.

The stereo receives Bluetooth (A2DP, AVRCP) streaming audio from Bluetooth enabled audio sources such as cellphone or other Bluetooth capable devices. It also features a handy front AV auxiliary input. Other features and ability to purchase can be found online.

Winegard Carryout TV Antenna

July 2015 Winegard Portable TV Antenna

Winegard’s next generation portable satellite TV antenna is made for the on-the-go lifestyle. It is compact (13.5 inches in height and a diameter of 14.3 inches) and fully automatic (plug in the Carryout G2, receiver and TV to power, then run a coax from the G2 to the receiver, and an HDMI or coax from the receiver to the TV) and has  an optional roof mount.

An informative video of the Winegard Carryout can be found on the company’s website and you can purchase the G2 Carryout here.

Waste Digester and Odor Eliminator

July 2015 Odor Eleminator

An important product in any RVer’s supplies, Valterra’s Pure Power Blue waste digester and odor eliminator in the 32-ounce format (complete with with its effective self measuring bottle) is a formula that was over 30-years in the making.

The company claims that the product:

  • Removes odors
  • Keep tanks clean
  • Is accepted at all campgrounds
  • Cleans your tank sensors
  • Is 100% biodegradable
  • Has really nice scent
  • Requires that you use only a small amount – 2 oz for 40 gal tank
  • Performs at up to 130 degrees F
  • Is available in drop-ins, large packets, larger and smaller bottles as well.

Check with your local RV dealer about Valterra’s Pure Power Blue.  Some dealers have a trial size versions available for those who want to try the product before purchasing.  Or, to simplify, you may want to order the product here.

Hope you had fun window shopping. We welcome your comments. Happy Trails.

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