For those of you with a desire to haul both a spacious living area, along with motorcycles, bikes, and other camping and play toys, a Toy Hauler 5th Wheel might be ideal. They come with a large door at the back which opens down to create a ramp which can also double as a patio area.

Let’s have a look at which Makes & Models of Toy Hauler 5th Wheels visitors most commonly searched for in the past month. And to give you further insight, we’ve included trade show walkthrough videos from The RV Report, average price ranges, and consumer ratings from  Giddy up.

Grand Design Momentum

Standout feature: high-rated 4-season insulation (R-40 Roof / R-45 Floor / R-11 Sidewalls / R-40 Garage Floor / R-24 Slideroom Floor) to keep you fully comfortable in almost any weather conditions.

* average consumer rating: 4 stars

approx. price range (new): From the mid $70k to lower $120k range*

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Heartland Road Warrior

Standout feature: a patented improved tight-turning radius design (88 degrees), which improves towing with today’s popular short-bed, extended-cab pickup trucks.

* average consumer rating: 4 stars

approx. price range (new): From high $70k to over $100k*

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Jayco Seismic

Standout feature: a Smart RV System which allows you to control and monitor your tank levels and some of the most important features and amenities from virtually anywhere via a phone or a tablet.

* average consumer rating: 4 stars

approx. price range (new): From the high $70k’s to roughly $120k*

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Keystone Fuzion

Standout feature: 4G LTE and Wi-Fi prep – all units are equipped with an antenna that integrates 4G LTE (to be able to use data away from Wi-Fi) and Wi-Fi reception with standard VHF/UHF/AM/FM

* average consumer rating: 4 stars

approx. price range (new): From the high $70s to over $120k*

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Eclipse Attitude

Standout feature: a fully enclosed 40-gallon gasoline pump station to keep your gas-powered toys all topped up!

* average consumer rating: 3.5 stars

approx. price range (new): From mid $50k to mid / upper $80k*

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(*price ranges mentioned are approximate as of summer 2019)

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