Each month we take a look at what RV shoppers search for on RVT.com. These are the 5 most popular results along with walkthrough videos, standout features and an average consumer star rating via rvinsider.com to help you in your search for the perfect Class C RV:

Jayco Seneca

Standout feature: a fiberglass entrance door with an oversized frameless window – along with a keyless entry with a touchpad locking system, so you’ll never have to worry about fumbling around for your keys.

* average consumer rating: 3.75 stars

approx. price range (new): $120,000’s to $260,000’s *

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Winnebago View

Standout feature: 10” MBUX infotainment system with AI (Artificial Intelligence) voice interface, as well as advanced safety features, like brake assist and active lane keeping assist.

* average consumer rating: 4.25 stars

approx. price range (new): from the low $90,000’s to over $160,000 *

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Coachmen Leprechaun

Standout feature: exterior storage is about 40% larger than most Class C RVs. Coachmen uses a military grade material for the compartments called Rotocast, with weep holes in each compartment allowing for multiple uses (such as an outside cooler by putting ice in them). Plus, there are at least 2 access doors to every storage area.

* average consumer rating: 4 stars

approx. price range (new): from around $70,000 to over $100,000 *

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Tiffin Wayfarer

Standout feature: a luxurious driving compartment with heated leather seats (both can swivel), a leather-wrapped steering wheel and keyless start.

* average consumer rating: 4 stars

approx. price range (new): from the low $100,000’s to the $150,000 range *

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Dynamax Isata 3

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Standout feature: a fully-featured Dome Antenna with a WiFi Extender, 4G LTE (with a SIM Card Port), Omnidirectional HD OTA and FM

* average consumer rating: 4 stars

approx. price range (new): from the high $90,000’s to the mid $140,000’s *

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Things are heating up, so keep an eye on this blog, and we’ll continue to update you on current trends, tips and tricks in the ever-evolving world of RVs.

(*price ranges mentioned are approximate as of spring / summer 2019)

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