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Tear-drop trailers can be perfect for campers with small vehicles or campers who just want to travel light. Many can be pulled by cars, and others will require a small SUV, but the real question is, how much does a tear-drop trailer cost? Prices can vary by make and model, not to mention new and used. We will break it all down for you here to help you make the best decision on the best tear-drop trailer for you.

We put this list together using RVT.com – they have many listings for tear-drops (and small travel trailers!) all over the country. Here’s a link directly to the listings for tear-drop trailers.

We will give you a break-down of tear-drop trailers first in “new” units and then in used as well as average prices for each. We have spent hours compiling this data for you, so without further ado, let’s get to it.

Average prices for new tear-drop trailers

New tear-drop travel trailer prices can range from around $9,000 upwards of $40,000. The overall average price for that new trailer smell is around $23,000.

It’s good to note that there are new listings every day, so it is important to check the current inventory. Another reason to check current listings is, prices can fluctuate by time of year and demand. This means the average prices can vary slightly at different times of the year. This also means that you can find some great deals too.

To find new teardrop trailer listings on RVT.com, simply click here to open a new window.

Next, scroll down on options, expand the condition area and select New.

Once checked, you will see listings for new tear-drop trailers.

We then sorted by lowest price and here are the top 10 listings that we found as of November 2019. (We removed duplicate models.)

20 Braxton Creek Bushwhacker- length 10′, dry weight 1545 pounds, price- $8,990 (View all new Braxton Creek Bushwhackers currently available here)

19 Nucamp TAG XL-  length 9.7′, dry weight 1,210 pounds, price- $13,664 (Browse all new Nucamp TAG XLs currently available here)

18 Riverside RV WHITE WATER 157 RETRO- length 15′, dry weight 2,610 pounds, price- $15,990 (Shop all new Riverside RV White Water 157 Retros currently available here)

19 Little Guy Mini Max- length 17′, dry weight 1,993 pounds, price- $20,890  (See all new Little Guy Mini Maxs currently available here)

19 Little Guy Mini Max Rough Rider- length 17′, dry weight- 2,034 pounds, price- $20,990 (View all new Little Guy Mini Max Rough Riders currently available here)

19 Nucamp TAB S BD Edge- length 15.2′. dry weight- 1,210 pounds, price- $21,999 (Check out all new Nucamp TAB S BD Edges currently available here)

20 Liberty Outdoors Camp Rover- length 21′, dry weight- 2,900 pounds, price- $24,990 (Have a look at all new Liberty Outdoors Camp Rovers currently available here)

Average prices for used tear-drop trailers

Used tear-drop travel trailer prices can range from around $7,000 upwards of $30,000. The overall average price for a lightly used trailer is around $15,000.

If the prices on new tear-drop trailers are out of your budget, there is no need to fret. RVT.com has used tear-drops at outstanding prices. A used trailer will bring you all the freedom as a new model, but the savings can be tremendous.

You can find used listings by using the same method, as shown in the new listings section.

First, click here to view the tear-drop listings on RVT. Then on the options bar select Used.

Just like before, we sorted by price from low to high to get some examples for you. (These examples are current as of October 2019. Use each associated link to find all current listings.)

15 Little Guy TAG Basic- length 13′, dry weight- 1,015 pounds, price $10,000 (View all used Little Guy TAG Basics for sale now here)

16 NuCamp TAG XL- length 16′, dry weight- 1,000 pounds, price $10,750 (Look through all used NuCamp TAG XLs for sale today here)

17 Little Guy TAG MAX- length 13.7′, dry weight- 1,060 pounds, price $11,250 (Shop all used Little Guy TAG MAX for sale today here)

17 Pleasant Valley Teardrop Shadow-Off Road- length 13.42′, dry weight- 1,080 pounds, price $14,500 (Browse all used Pleasant Valley Teardrops for sale now here)

16 BRX Off-Road TearDrop- length 17′, dry weight- 2,400 pounds, price $18,000 (Check out all used BRX Off-Road TearDrops for sale here)

19 NuCamp TAB 320 S BOONDOCKS- length 15.2′, dry weight- 1,848 pounds, price $19,855 (Browse all used NuCamp TABs for sale today here)

Are tear-drop trailers worth the price?

If you are driving a small vehicle with low tow capacity, then tear-drops trailers are definitely worth the money. This becomes a little more blurry if you have something with a high tow capacity. In this case, it will depend on you as an individual. If you plan on driving long distances and camping with 1 or 2 people, then the price is worth it just in gas savings.

If there are more than two people or you just like a lot of room, you may want to search for a pop-up camper instead. You can find those on RVT.com here.

As far as amenities and construction go, tear-drop trailers are generally reliable, and many amenities are available for the price. Another thing to consider is the storage savings that you may have with a tear-drop. If you don’t have a lot of room and have a large trailer, you will most likely have to pay for storage. Since most tear-drop trailers are under 15′, you can fit them into places that other trailers wouldn’t fit, and that can save you storage costs over the long run.

What affects the price of a tear-drop trailer?

As with any type of travel trailer, there are several different factors that can affect pricing.

  • Time of year

Most people think that you will always get the best price at the end of the camping season, but this is not always the case. You can get great prices year-round on new trailers depending on when new models are released. Dealers have been known to cut prices drastically on trailers to make room for the new models. Many new models actually roll out at the beginning and in the middle of the camping season.

No matter the time of year, be sure to keep checking for those reduced and clearance prices.

  • Amenities

This is always one of the biggest factors in pricing. For the most part, the more amenities, the higher the price. This is another reason that I love RVT. You can compare prices and options and see what will get you the most bang for your buck. You can check prices and compare listings from many different dealers in one place. Also, with the best price and make offer buttons, it easy to negotiate, not only with dealers but individuals listing their trailers for sale as well.

  • Beware of new models

Knowing when new models are released can help you strike a bargain. In order to clear last year’s models, many dealers will give you greatly reduced prices.

  • End of the month

I’ve been blogging for some time now about camping and have interviewed my fair share of RV salesmen as well as sales managers. The one thing I can tell you for sure is that in many cases, the end of the month is prime for buying RV’s. I have been told on numerous occasions by the very people selling RV’s that sometimes they want to bump their sales statistics near the end of the month.

In fact, the last trailer that I bought, I was able to get $6,000 off because their numbers for the month were low.

Take that with a grain of salt because you may not be able to get that kind of reduction. For me, there were several factors along with the end of the month that allowed me to get that steep of discount but as my momma always said growing up, “a closed mouth never gets fed.” Yup, I’m from the south, but that saying holds true.

Be sure to always negotiate with whoever you’re buying from but also keep in mind that sometimes, there just isn’t much room for sellers to work with. Treating them with respect and understanding will sometimes get you much farther than taking a hard line.

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