Selection, price and convenience – it’s no wonder J.D. Power and Associates found that 80% of vehicle buyers begin their search online. RV classified ad websites like attract RV buyers by offering thousands of new and used RVs at highly affordable prices, gathering a wide selection of RV types, makes, models in one convenient location. Online shopping allows RV buyers to quickly compare features and amenities until they find the perfect RV for their needs and budget.

Deciding to list your RV for sale on is a no-brainer. Crafting an online ad that will make your RV stand out from the competition can be a little more of a challenge. America’s leader in online classified advertising with more than a decade of experience, has learned a few tricks that can help you create a dynamite ad to sell your RV fast and for the price you want.

Remember what your dad used to say? “You have to spend a little to get a little?” RVT’s low classified ad prices mean RV sellers will never spend a lot but investing in a few inexpensive upgrades can make a real difference in how fast your RV sells. Adding red or bold type to your RV ad costs only a few dollars more but is a proven way to draw RV buyers’ attention. In scanning a page, studies show the people’s eyes go first to red and bold type. Another way to make sure RV buyers don’t miss your ad is to anchor it to RVT’s homepage where more than 15,000 RV buyers and sellers will see your ad first every day.

Once you’ve attracted the buyer’s attention, lure him into reading your RV ad with photos. Every RVT classified ad allows you to post 12 free photos of your RV, or upgrade to a total of 24 photos for a small additional charge. The first thing a potential RV buyer does when he opens your ad is scan the pictures. The first photo should be a sunny-day shot of your cleaned and polished RV in an attractive outdoor setting so potential buyers will start imagining themselves behind the wheel. Include several pictures of the exterior from several angles. Extend awnings or slideouts to show them off. If your RV offers massive “basement” storage, shine a light inside and show it off. Inside your RV, potential buyers want to see the cockpit, main living area, bedrooms, kitchen, bath and any unusual features. Include a photo of any feature that makes your RV stand out. Buyers want to see what they’re buying.

The best way to show off your RV is to add free video to your RVT ad. Video allows you to give buyers a personal guided tour of your RV. Enlist a helper to man the camera while you chat about your RV’s best features. Practice a few times until your delivery is smooth. Open cabinets, storage compartments, refrigerators, etc. Let the buyer peer in all the nooks and crannies and don’t neglect the nitty gritty like water and sewer controls/hookups.

Visuals will reel in online RV buyers and make them feel comfortable putting their money down, but buyers will also be looking for specific features. Make it easy for them to compare your RV to others by thoroughly completing the listing categories when you place your ad. Mileage, sleeping capacity, number of slideouts and other statistics are important to RV buyers. But don’t stop there. gives RV sellers unlimited space to describe their RV. Go through your RV from nose to tail and describe the main features in each area. You don’t have to wax poetic but use descriptive adjectives. Which sounds more enticing: “wood cabinets” or “like-new polished cherry cabinets”? Buyers are interested in dimensions, colors and condition. If you updated the kitchen appliances or installed new carpet, let the buyer know.

Creating a dynamic online classified ad that will sell your RV fast is easy when you advertise your RV for sale on Just follow our 5 easy ad placement steps and you’ll be fielding calls from buyers in no time.


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