An important aspect of (buying or) selling your RV is determining a fair market price. If you ask too much, you may lose potential buyers. Ask too little, and buyers may think there is something wrong with your amazing RV.

One tool you can use to help you determine your selling price is the Price Checker.

This handy Price Checker helps you to determine the current market value of any new or used RV by searching and the NADA Guides RV databases – simultaneously.

With the steps outlined below you can get a reasonably good handle on the following pricing info:

  • Highest, lowest & average selling prices of similar RVs currently listed for sale on — that’s useful
  • MSRP when the unit was new — good to know
  • Average selling prices for units in average and below average conditions

Step #1

Enter your RV’s details into both forms on the

Here we are using a 2013 Newmar Dutch Star 4018.




Step #2

Click Search.

This will tabulate info from’s 96,000+ active listings, and also, it will search the NADA Guides database for you as well.

Here’s a look at the chart which is produced from the example search above:


* Suggested Retail Price. RVT prices based on 4 matching listings on New or Pre-Owned.

How To Interpret This Pricing Data:

This chart provides some interesting retail pricing information. Let’s analyze:

  • The SRP is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price when the unit was new.
  • In the column above you can see the highest and lowest prices for this unit and the average price of all of the same units for sale on right now.
  • Under the NADA guides column, you see prices that these units have actually been sold for when they are in average and lower than average condition.
  • Please be sure you read the Disclaimer on that page as well since this tool is only a guide and ultimately you are setting your own price.

If you’d like to get even more specific as you do your pricing research, you can click the ‘advanced options’ button on the form of the Price Checker page.  This will display additional search options you can use as illustrated below:



It’s important to keep in mind that due to the vast number of different RV makes and models on the market, it is possible that you won’t be able to find your exact unit.

In this case you might want to search a year range rather than one specific year.  Also, you might want to search more similar models than just your specific unit.

Additionally, feel free to go directly to the NADAGuides site for a more advanced search there as well.


Another Great RV Pricing Resource is’s High, Medium and Low Price Chart.


Whenever you run a Search for a specific Year, Make and Model on, your Search Results will automatically build you a graph that gives you the high, medium and low prices of those units currently for sale on — for a number of years.

The example below is for a 2013 Newmar Dutch Star 4018.  Use this graph in conjunction with the Price Checker data you’ve already seen to help you set the price for a unit you are selling or to help you determine — as a buyer — if the price of a unit you’re looking at purchasing is reasonable, set correctly.


An interesting side note:  See the significant price drop over a short amount of time for this unit.  From $445,000 for a brand new 2018 model today to only $229,000 for a 2014.  That’s a $200,000 drop in 4 years.  Definitely a factor to take into account.

“But, I Upgraded My RV Extensively …”

Another factor to consider when you set the price of the RV you are selling is any upgrades that you may have purchased with with the unit — or added later.

Upgrades like these can add good value to your RV.  You should reflect these when setting your price.

That said, please remember:

“An upgrade is only valuable if you tell the buyer about it in your listing on”

Illustrative Example:

  • A seller adds about $12,000.00 onto his price because of all the upgrades he has done.
  • Seller then fails to let buyers know about the upgrades in the description of his listing.
  • Seller writes a description like this:  “Excellent condition.”
  • Sadly, this seller has neglected to tell would-be buyers who view his RV-for-sale listing on RVT that the unit is heavily upgraded.
  • You should avoid doing the same.

Pricing your RV — or an RV you’re looking at buying — can be tricky but it’s highly important and can mean the difference between selling fast … or … not!

Enjoy’s Price Checker and the High, Medium and Low Pricing Charts (available when you run any Search down to the Model level.)  They will give you a great “snap shot” of the market.  You need that when you’re setting (or researching) the price on any RV.



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