Selling your RV is a little like selling a car and a lot like selling a house. Just like home sales, it’s location, location, location that counts. But RV sales have little to do with where your RV is parked and everything to do with where you “park” your RV ad online. With more than 80% of buyers starting their RV search online, it’s more important than ever to choose an Internet classified ad website that guarantees high-volume traffic and adheres to best selling practices.

Best practices are widely recognized sales strategies proven to outperform competitors’ procedures. With a decade of focused experience in online RV sales, has set the bar for best practices geared to sell your RV fast and for the best price possible. When choosing an online RV sales site, look for these best practices:

  • Exposure is key to selling your RV and that means visitor volume. With 24,000+ daily visitors, is North America’s leader in online RV sales. Look for a website like that offers helpful tips, links and articles that draw potential buyers to the site. Interesting blogs and newsletters will attract even more folks.
  • Ads should be easy to place and edit, and customer service should be friendly and responsive when you have a question. makes it easy to sell your RV online. We walk you through the RV ad placement process step-by-step providing plenty of helpful tips along the way. RVT even offers mail-in service and will post your ad for you.
  • Setting the listing price is critical to the timely selling of your RV. To aid you in setting the optimum selling price for your RV, RVT provides free price checker service so you can check out the competition before you place your ad.
  • Online ads should provide unlimited text space so you can list and fully describe all your RV’s unique features. Giving buyers more information helps focus your buyer pool to those ready to buy.
  • The ad site should allow you to post multiple photographs with your ad. Pictures sell. Ads with photos attract more buyers than those without. Buyers want to see what they’re getting. allows you to post 12 photos with a standard ad and add 12 more photos for a nominal fee. You can even include a helpful floor plan of your RV as one of your photos.
  • The newest thing in online RV ads is the addition of a YouTube video to your ad. On sellers can now take buyers on a narrated virtual tour of their RV.
  • Online RV sales sites should provide tracking information that allows you to monitor traffic on your ad to judge its effectiveness.
  • Protecting your personal information is paramount when doing business online. employs the latest fraud prevention system to guarantee maximum protection of your personal data.

If you’re selling your RV online, puts at your fingertips 10 years of well-honed experience, a proven track record in online RV sales, superior application of best practices and the opportunity to reach thousands of motivated buyers every day. To find out more, visit our website at


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