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Beginning My Day of Helping RV Shoppers

The RV sales professional’s day starts at 9:00 a.m. and ends at … well, who knows when that’ll be!

As the reality of the American dream — owning your own home — comes crashing down to earth, sales of RVs are skyrocketing! Marked by high-student loan debt, expensive housing, cars, children, and much more, Americans seem to be “opting out” of the American dream — in droves. In response, the RV movement is picking up speed with no signs of slowing down. Indeed, it is the path forward.

Hi. My name is Marca, and I am a very busy RV salesperson. Welcome, and I would like to give you a front-row seat to my life at an RV dealership where I help out literally hundreds of RV Shoppers, just like you.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Welcome to my world! 

I walk in the doors at 8:30 a.m., realizing that today is going to be an even busier day due to the new commercial that was just aired on TV. I have my daily meeting with the Sales Manager and other co-workers where we’ll discuss RV deliveries, financing on purchases and any other pertinent information we need to handle. The objective is always to make and increase sales of new and used RVs. I’ve heard the motivational sales pitch before, but today is a brand new day and I am excited to get out on the lot! 

When the meeting is over, the doors to the dealership are opened up, and I make my way outside to shoot some videos of new RV floor plans which I can send to my customers or post on my Facebook page

Next, I walk the lot to see if I can be of assistance to anyone.  I know the buying motives of my customer base and whatever category they fall into. Customers are usually very excited about fulfilling their dreams of RV ownership. Today’s customers include:

  • the young couple opting to live the minimalist lifestyle (suggested unit: Keystone Montana)
  • the retired couple who want to see the world (suggested unit: Tiffin Allegro Bus)
  • the free-spirit single adult who is determined to do it her own way (suggested unit: Winnebago Travato)
  • the adults who have lost their homes to foreclosure and a natural disaster (suggested unit: Little Guy Mini Max)

I welcome them all and plan to help them according to their needs.

Educating the Customer 

Then, I spot two smiling young people coming in with their eyes glazed over. They are interested in a small Hideout travel trailer.  They’ve heard it’s a great RV but don’t know too much about it. Thus, my job is to educate the buying public.

Sometimes, buyers only know what they’ve read, seen, or heard about RVs. Their knowledge reflects the opinions and experiences of others although the truth about RV ownership could be different altogether. My job is to separate fact from fiction. I give them enough information so that they can make an informed decision that they can be happy with.

Your Questions Are Key

Even though I am in the business of sales, I must be patient with those who only stop in for a look and to gain information about RVs. I answer their questions because I know that they are potential customers.

I’m An RV Owner Too!

I do have one thing in common with my customers, I own an RV, and they are looking to purchase one or may have owned one before.  My experience with owning an RV can help guide them in their purchase as well as the knowledge I’ve obtained from being in RV sales.  I can answer questions regarding the details and specifications of the hundreds of RVs for sale on our lot. 

Though I have been in RV sales for the past 2 years, no two days are alike.  Admittedly some days are better than others, but when sales are strong, and customers are happy, that is what a good day looks like.

Paperwork, Info and Documentation Required

Sometimes, getting documents and information from busy customers can be challenging.  I must be the one who tells the customer that we are at a standstill and can’t move forward unless we have these documents.  I go to bat for my customers and do what it takes to get the deal done for them and help make their dream of owning an RV come true.   

Working as a Team

There are days that I work with other co-workers on deals and need to get with them to gather information or complete paperwork. Sometimes I may need my sales manager to help me with one of my customers because they may show up on my day off.  My work is interrelated to that of my co-workers, and we are a team, for better or for worse. We rely on each other to get the job done and I take pride in knowing we can work as a team and take care of our customers.

The Hard Part of My Job as an RV Salesperson 

My sales training has helped me tremendously, and I always try to negotiate deals fairly and ethically. I must temper the customers’ excitement with reality. I refrain from making their dream bigger than the often-tough reality of traveling the country by RV. Though I make a profit, I respect customers and work out pricing to reflect what they can afford to pay.

The RV sales person can be part therapist. As I listen to some heartbreaking stories, I maintain a delicate balance between empathy and making the sale. And sadly sometimes, I have the unpleasant task of telling customers they don’t qualify for a loan. After listening to their story and helping them find the right RV, it can be a little heart wrenching if the would-be customer has to go home empty-handed. 

The Phone is the Lifeline of a Busy RV Sales Professional

One thing is for sure: I will make more phone calls than sales. As a buyer, you don’t ever have to be shy about picking up the phone to connect with your RV Sales Professional.

The phone is a staple of my regime.

  • I answer questions about the RV that someone found on our website. 
  • I call customers to tell them to come down and have a look at a new RV floor plan that we just got in.
  • I need more information about customer XYZ so I can help pre-qualify financing for a loan.
  • Then, there are always lots of calls to return.

At the end of a busy day, I make a list of any phone calls or “To Do’s” that need to get done the next day. The sale of RVs is seasonal, so despite my exhaustion, I keep plowing ahead until my day is mostly complete. I sometimes feel, though, there are more things to do than time in which to do them!

Here to Help!

I realize how fortunate I am to be in a business that is steadily growing and is helping thousands of Americans live their dreams.  It makes my heart happy to help others, and I am grateful for this opportunity. 

At the end of a hard day’s work, I have met customers, answered phone calls, done administrative work and closed my office door. Despite a few minor setbacks, I consider today’s experience as a job well done. And, I look forward to coming back tomorrow and doing it all over again! 

Marca Taylor 


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Happy RV shopping to all of you 🙂

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