If you’ve ever watched YouTube, you understand the immediate impact of video. We live in a visual world. Realtors are using videos to sell homes. Manufacturers are using videos to demonstrate product features. Businesses are using videos to promote their brands. And now you can use video to sell your RV on RVT.com.

Adding a YouTube video to your online RV sales ad allows you to take potential buyers on a virtual tour of your RV. The next best thing to actually being there, a video gives buyers across the country a way to experience your RV’s layout, condition and special features. A video allows you to interact with potential buyers and pull them into the sale. Adding a YouTube video to your online RVT ad is a powerful sales tool guaranteed to make your RV ad stand out against the competition and generate faster sales.

RVT.com makes it quick and easy to add a YouTube video to your online RV sales ad:

  1. Login to your RVT.com user account.
  2. Select “Load Video.”
  3. Upload your video.
  4. Posted RV video will be visible on both your RVT ad and YouTube.

Note: Video will be automatically removed from YouTube when you mark the ad “Sold” or “Offline” in RVT.com.

Lights! Camera! Action! How to Create a Top Selling RV Video Ad

Plan. Walk around and through your RV. Decide which features you want to showcase in your video. What makes your RV unique? Which features have been most useful? Think like a buyer. What would a buyer want to see? Make a list of the important features you want to showcase in your video.

Prep. Scrub and polish your RV inside and out. Clear off surfaces and empty cabinets, closets and drawers of all but a few items. Leaving one or two items in a closet or cupboard will provide video viewers with a sense of scale.

Script. It’s not necessary to narrate your video; but if you do, write out what you want to say. Keep it short, simple and factual. Point out features that may not be visually obvious, such as dimmer lights or energy efficient appliances. You’ll find it easier to have someone else read the narrative as you film.

Location. For the exterior shots, park your RV where there will be few visual distractions in the background. Natural settings like a local park, beach or deserted country road are good choices.

Lights. Film on a bright sunny day, if possible. Turn on interior RV lights and bring in a portable spotlight to banish shadows and illuminate inside closets. Enlist an assistant to man the portable light and direct it onto specific features as you film.

Rehearse. Do several walk-throughs with your assistants until your filming looks fluid. Start with an exterior shot that shows your entire RV, then pan in for close-ups of key features. Inside, start at the front door and move through your RV as if you were taking a friend on a tour. While filming in a single, continuous take is more effective, stop filming to avoid jerky or disjointed video when negotiating stairs or other obstacles.

Action. Put it all together on film. Always playback the complete video before uploading it to YouTube. and refilm or edit until you’re satisfied.


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