Looking for a reason to party with other RVers? Want to get up close and personal with the latest models, tech gadgets, and accessories? Whatever you’re looking for, there’s an RV show with a spot just for you. RV shows gather manufacturers, dealers, tourism officers, and outdoor enthusiasts in one place to celebrate the exploration lifestyle. A massive draw for these shows is the opportunity to purchase new Class B+ RVs and other motorhomes for unbeatable deals. And, much like the RVs themselves, these shows go from coast to coast! RVT has compiled a list of five of the biggest RV shows across the country, plus tips for how to make the most out of attending.

1. America’s Largest RV Show – Hershey, PA

Chocolate and RVs in the same town? Yes, please! Held in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the aptly-named “America’s Largest RV Show” is larger than 33 football fields and is packed with over 1,000 RVs.

Visitors can tour the latest RV models, snag amazing deals, learn more about the RV lifestyle and best travel destinations, connect with fellow enthusiasts, shop for accessories, and so much more. Regardless of age or experience, this show is a top destination for every RV enthusiast!

2. Quartzsite Sports, Vacation and RV Show – Quartzsite, AZ

No list of “largest RV shows” would be complete without the Quartzsite RV Show. It’s often described as “The Burning Man of Retirees,” but this annual event gathers upwards of a million RVers of all ages to a sleepy desert town in southwestern Arizona. 

The main event is commonly referred to as “The Big Tent Show,” with over 400 vendors, dealers, and exhibitors all assembled under—you guessed it—what many claim is “the largest tent you’ll ever see.” And, with the recent addition of educational seminars, you can learn tips and insights from the pros.

3. Florida RV Supershow – Tampa, FL

Did someone order sunshine? Because this RV show delivers! Held in Tampa in late January,  the Florida RV Supershow is exactly what it sounds like: a massive gathering of manufacturers, vendors, and RV enthusiasts from around the country. What makes this show stand out is how much there is to see, learn, and do beyond scoping out the latest RVs, including:

  • Tourism information
  • RV education
  • Live entertainment
  • On-site camping

4. The Golden Getaway – Lincoln, NE

Though smaller than some of the other gatherings mentioned, this event still packs a serious punch! With a typical attendance of 1,000 or more, The Golden Getaway offers both camping and exhibition access all in the same ticket. Manufacturers and vendors offer tours of the latest models and tools at the keystone RV Expo, while live entertainment runs all day and into the evening. 

This event is especially helpful for those newer to the RV lifestyle, as it offers a pre-show educational course dubbed “RV Basics.” The two-and-a-half day workshop covers RV operation, systems, and maintenance for beginners, leading seamlessly into the convention.

5. Boston Camping & RV Expo – Boston, MA

Boston? In January? You bettah believe it! This annual show is New England’s largest, with over 17,000 attendees, and dozens of exhibitors. Whether you want to shop new Class A RVs or simple pop-ups,  there’s no shortage of RVs and accessories to shop for at the Boston Camping & RV Expo. And if the thought of a Boston winter puts a chill on your interest, rest easy—this event is totally indoors, and even offers a convenient coat check so all you have to hold are all the new toys you’ll walk away with. 

Trade Show Tips

RV shows pack a lot of activity into a few short days, so you want to make sure you’re ready for all they have to offer. Here are a few helpful tips to help you get the most out of your trade show:

1. Bring a Notepad

You’ll be seeing, learning, and doing a lot, but you might forget all that essential information if you wait until after the event to get organized. Keep it simple and take notes as you go!

2. Wear Comfortable Clothing

You’ll be walking and standing for most of each day and, depending on the show you attend, it might be hot outside. Wear comfortable, supportive shoes and pack a poncho in case it rains.

3. Plan for Your Pets

Most RV shows have a pet policy, so be sure you know what it is before attending. Also, keep in mind that these events are crowded; if your pet is small or has anxiety, it might be best to leave them home with a caretaker.

4. Bring Measurements

If you think you might buy a specific accessory or addition for the interior of your toy hauler motorhome or other RV, jot down the measurements of your space beforehand and then bring them with you. It just might save you from purchasing something that doesn’t fit!

And, don’t forget, if you can’t make a trade show event to tour RVs in person, you can always browse through thousands of listings on RVT.com to find your next adventure vehicle!

By Audrey Somero

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