When RV buyers research RV models, they ask a lot of questions—and they should! Asking questions about specific makes and models helps buyers make informed purchase decisions before they choose their family’s next much-loved RV.

So, we counted up the number of buyers who are asking dealers (and/or private sellers) about the various RV Makes & Models we have listed for sale on RVT.com—using the theory that the units buyers ask about most could be seen as ‘highly sought after’ in the market.

Tent trailers and other folding hybrids are a popular, family-friendly, wallet-friendly, storage-friendly RV option. Looking for a tent-style experience without sleeping on the ground? Folding trailers and pop-ups provide the most tent-like feel while offering better protection from the elements, an actual bed, an indoor eating area and often a kitchen. Their smaller footprint means most will fit into a tent site—some campgrounds will allow you to use a tent site if no back-ins are available.

Folding trailers are lightweight and can easily be towed by a variety of vehicles. They’re typically simple to set up and you can leave all your gear inside while you travel. No more shoving your bedding, cookware, and other gear into your car!

These are the Top 5 folding trailers that RV buyers have inquired about most with our Dealers and Private Sellers:

Forest River Rockwood

2021 Forest River Rockwood High Wall HW277
2021 Forest River Rockwood Hard Side A214HW

Forest River, founded in 1996, is one of the largest RV manufacturers in North America, producing a full range of RV vehicles. Their Rockwood series of folding trailers includes tent and hard-sided varieties. We checked RV consumer reviews at our partner, RVInsider.com to see what Rockwood owners are saying:

2017 Forest River Rockwood High Wall HW277: “We love the open 360 degree views through large windows. It tows easily, even in high winds. It is quick to set up and you can easily avoid an incoming storm. The trailer is very well built with all the comforts of much larger trailers, having a number of extra amenities. My wife and I love the fact that the heater warms the trailer up in minutes. Other features we appreciate are the outside kitchen and barbecue, heated mattresses, “LOTS” of counter top space (more than many larger trailers), comfortable slide-out dinette, much higher ceiling than regular hard side trailers, 3-burner stove with oven, roof-top AC, and its’ 19 foot length fits in our garage.” – David Menne, Arizona

2016 Forest River Rockwood Hard Side A214HW: “We love our A-frame. The only disappointment has been the actuator…we’ve had two go out on us and now we lift it manually. Manageable, but we paid to have an actuator that works. Other than that, we have loved taking it all over the country and Virginia state parks. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.”
~ Tom and Teresa, Virginia

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Coachmen Clipper

2020 Coachmen Clipper Express 9
2021 Coachmen Clipper LS 107LS

Coachmen products have been on the road since 1964. A ‘green certified’ company, they create products in all RV classes that meet TRA Certification standards. In 2008, they became a brand of Forest River, Inc.
Coachmen’s Clipper line includes pop-up, hard side, and tent trailers.
We took a look at RV consumer reviews at RVInsider.com to see what Coachmen Clipper owners have said about their units:

2018 Coachmen Clipper 17BH: “Have had mine Clipper for a little over 2 years now. We bought in March of 2017 and got a just came out 2018 model. We go camping about every 2 months during the school year and about every 2 weeks during school break. This camper is so easy to pull with our F150. We have had as many as 3 kids and 2 adults in it and we all sleep great. Pack blankets even in the summer. The ac will freeze you out if you don’t.”
– Kay, Texas

2011 Coachmen Clipper 109: “Great camper! Compact but A LOT of storage. I looked for a long time for a camper w/ AC, heat, fridge, sink and stove for our family. Purchased out of state because they are hard to find. I also wanted a camper that was easy enough for me (a mom) to be able to tow, set up and break down w/o the hubs and just the kids and this is perfect! Small enough to be able to store indoors (garage). ~ Graham Crackers, Illinois

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2020 Aliner Family

Aliner started in the 1970s when Ralph Tait had an idea for a new style of trailer, resulting in the original A-frame camper. Light, innovative, and environmentally-conscious, these folding trailers remain popular today. We checked out the opinions of RVers at RVInsider.com to discover what Aliner owners think about their campers:

2014 Aliner Expedition Toilet: “I have only taken five trips with this RV… I towed our Aliner Expediton, the largest model of A-Liner, behind my 2010 Ford F-150 truck each time and it was very easy. The things we like about the Aliner Expediton are even though it was the largest model, it fit in our garage and fits in fairly small sites giving more sites to choose from. The setting up and taking it down could be done in minutes. It has plenty of room for two full size adults (I am about 6 foot, 4 inches tall, my spouse is 5 foot, 9 inches tall) and two children, or two fair size adults). Also when set up the interior has great head room for my height. For its size it has a huge amount of storage space. The only thing we did not like was that the thermostat for the air conditioning is located under a small counter extension lid which can be raised and lower and when lowered it covers the thermostat. Every time we have set up in a campground we always have had a number of “neighbors” express a lot of interest in our Aliner.”
~ Richard Fehr, Georgia

2017 Aliner Aliner Explorer: “We used this camper several times. It towed very easy. Set up only took 20 minutes. The 8’ ceiling makes it very roomy inside and the air conditioner cooled the trailer off quickly even in the Florida summer and when we went camping in November the furnace keep the trailer warm. ~ Keith, Florida

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Jumping Jack Trailers

2020 Jumping Jack 6×8 Blackout

The Jumping Jack line of tent trailers does more than provide space to sleep off the ground. While it is the most ‘tent-like’ of these folding trailer options in its look and function, it also acts as a toy hauler and utility trailer when needed. Jumping Jack provides a comfortable camping experience which can be set up and taken down in less than 5 minutes. The trailers come in 4 sizes, ranging from 4’x6′ to 6’x17′.

No one has yet provided a review of Jumping Jack trailers on RVInsider.com. If you own a Jumping Jack, be the first to offer your opinion and help your fellow RVers learn more about these interesting tent trailers.

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Forest River Flagstaff

2019 Forest River Flagstaff Hard Side T21DMHW
2020 Forest River Flagstaff MAC LTD 228D

Much like the Rockwood, the Forest River Flagstaff comes in Hard Side and Tent Trailer versions. Forest River’s Flagstaff tent trailers come in two styles, the MAC series and the High Wall series. According to their website, the Flagstaff Hard Side was a best of show award winner in 2019. All styles of Flagstaff feature ease of set up while offering the storage and towing advantages that come with folding trailers. Here are what some Flagstaff owners are saying on RVInsider.com:

2016 Forest River Flagstaff MAC 206ST: “We are the 2nd owners of our Flagstaff MAC 206ST. The previous owner only used the tent trailer a few times and always was in a covered garage. Overall, in excellent condition and easy to use and maintain. We had the trailer serviced prior to our 1st trip and it checked out perfectly. We added a 2nd battery since we would be dry camping for 2 weeks in 3 National Parks; Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Bryce Canyon. Trailer was easy to tow with our Ford Explorer and we had ZERO issues or problems. Very comfortable and used a port-a-pottie at night instead of walking to the camp bathrooms. A couple of things we added to make it more comfortable was the hanging pantry, upgraded the mattress with a pillow top and pop-up gizmos. Everything was great and ready to go again! ~ Joan, Arizona

2016 Forest River Flagstaff Hard Side High Wall T21TBHW: “Great camper for a couple or small family. The floor plan is great with a lot of space. We were able to get into every spot we wanted. Great beginning camper. This camper is very easy to haul. I would highly recommend.”
~ Karen, Arizona

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Thanks for taking a look at the top 5 folding trailers that buyers have inquired about most with both Dealers and Private Sellers. We hope this is helpful as you choose an RV for your next adventure.

Do you have a favorite folding trailer model? Let us know in the comments.

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