When RV buyers research RV models, they want to know the ins and outs of the RV they are researching. Asking questions about specific makes and models helps buyers make informed purchase decisions before they choose their family’s next camping cruiser.

So, we counted up the number of buyers who are asking dealers (and/or private sellers) about the various RV Makes & Models we have listed for sale on RVT.com—using the theory that the units buyers ask about most could be seen as ‘highly sought after’ in the market.


Class B motorhomes are the most compact of the motorized RVs—also known as ‘camper vans’ or ‘conversion vans’. While smaller than most RV options, they typically have all the needed features, including a kitchen and bathroom. Higher-end Class B vehicles may be equipped with a TV, sound system, wooden cabinetry, Corian® countertops, a backup camera, and more.

Class B RVs are prized for their ease of driving, simple parking (even in the smallest camping spot) and excellent gas mileage. They are also flexible-use vehicles. Take your kitchen and bathroom wherever you go: tailgating parties, day tripping, sports events…there are plenty of possibilities. Due to their size, most Class B RVs are best-suited for two people for overnighters.

These are the Top 5 Class B RVs that RV buyers have inquired about most with our Dealers and Private Sellers:

Coachmen Galleria

2021 Coachmen Galleria 24A
2021 Coachmen Galleria 24A
2020 Coachmen Galleria 24Q

Coachmen RV has been ‘dedicated to the enrichment of your lives’ since 1964. Since then, they have produced over three-quarters of a million RVs in all classes. In 2008, Coachmen RV became a brand of industry titan Forest River, Inc., and builds the majority of their RVs in a 220-acre facility in Middlebury, Indiana.

Galleria is a Class B Motorhome that offers quality, luxury, and value, available in several layouts. We checked RV consumer reviews at our partner, RVInsider.com to see what Coachman Galleria owners are saying about their RVs:

2016 Coachmen Galleria 24ST: I bought the RV new and used it to take my two kids on trip through the Northwest states and into Canada. It was perfect! Easy to drive – like a car but better visibility. We had loads of room and everything we needed for food, warmth and comfort. Kids loved sleeping in while I headed out on the road. No need to stop for food or potty when they got up! There were a few warranty items I discovered on the trip and all were quickly and completely addressed by the dealer with the support of Coachmen.
– Kenneth, California

2016 Coachmen Galleria 24Q: The Sprinter handles just like a van and turns in a small radius. Gets up to speed fast and is very good on fuel (Diesel). Mileage is anywhere from 18 to 22 mpg. Easy to park in parking lots as it is a little over 7 feet wide like a small van.
– Mark, California

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Airstream Interstate

2021 Airstream Interstate
2021 Airstream Interstate
2020 Airstream Interstate Lounge EXT Standard

Wally Byam started Airstream 90 years ago with the creation of his first tear-drop-shaped trailer. Over the years, Airstream expanded into multiple RV classes, including Class B touring coaches. According to Airstream’s website, 65% of all Airstream RVs manufactured since the company’s humble beginnings are still on the road today.

The Airstream Interstate Class B coach, first introduced in 1984, has all the luxury features of larger RV units in a compact, easy-to-drive size. According to their website, the Interstate line has been the #1 best-selling Class B diesel motorhomes six years in a row. Here’s what actual owners are saying about their Airstream Interstates at our partner site RVInsider.com:

2018 Airstream Interstate Grand Tour EXT: Likes: Easy to drive and maneuver. Great on gas mileage. 17-20MPG, from mountains to flat plains. All safety features, lane assist, collision warning system, Mercedes quality cab, with Ultra leather (very soft and durable). Capable of pulling 5,000 lb, with the Mercedes diesel, no problems what so ever. One button to lower couch for sleeping. One lift on each jump seat, and you have a king size bed. Plenty of storage inside for two people. Great for traveling across the country… stay in BLM’s, Cracker Barrels, and every fourth day get a traditional full hookup to dump tanks and take on fresh water. Instant hot water, no tank to keep hot. We moved down from a Diesel (Tiffen) pusher, and have greater flexibility going down town and parking. 20,000 mile oil change requirement (I did it at 10,000). Very easy to winterize. Dislikes: Propane fill is very low on the coach. Can not take family camping: this is a two man coach…very high end equipment. Two TV’s makes no sense?! Rear TV sticks out in pathway 3″…..Can not launch a boat due to the generator being low near rear wheels.
– Jan, South Carolina

2015 Airstream 3500 EXT: Airstream 3500 EXT is high end stealth camping. You can have all the luxury of home while driving on roads and to attractions bigger RVs and trailers can not. Bed is super comfortable and the van is easy to drive and park using back up cameras.
– Gary, Oregon

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Winnebago Travato

2021 Winnebago Travato
2021 Winnebago Travato BU259G
2020 Winnebago Travato 59K

Winnebago has been around since 1958—its name is one of the most recognized and is synonymous with the RV industry. The company has produced vehicles in a variety of classes during its long history, including motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels and boats.

According to Winnebago’s website, the Travato is the top-selling Camper Van in North America. This Class B RV is known for its energy and fuel-efficient systems and its streamlined features keep you cruising—even when roads and the weather are less-than-ideal. To find out what actual owners think of their Winnebago Travato, we took a look at our partner site RVInsider.com:

2020 Winnebago Travato 59GL: This class B van is incredible to use, park, and drive. It’s very easy to drive with great visibility and turning radius. I got 15-18 mpg on the highway and it cruises very nicely. Steep hills are a bit challenging requiring “petal to the metal” fully loaded but it made it, no problem. Tow/haul button is convenient and was a dream to use on steep gradients both up but especially down. Love the fact this RV takes regular gas and fits in a standard parking lot. The Murphy bed in back is a bit firm but I solved that easily by purchasing a 3” rubber mattress and cutting it to fit, making the bed very cosy and comfortable. I love how the A/C unit has a thermostat and I used the app to set desired temperatures and turn it off and on from the front seat. The Volta Lithium battery system is my absolute favorite part of this rig, however. It’s a game changer in RV world and works like a charm. I could use my a/c and instant pot at the same time, no issues. The batteries are easy to charge and keep charged. So much to love about this RV. I will own another one when the time is right.

– Tracy, Florida

2016 Winnebago Travato 59G: With almost 4 years and 80,000 miles under its belt, my Travato has proven to be a life-changing experience for us. We have traveled all but a couple of different states in the US and made many great friends and memories. We had a couple of minor adjustments that needed to be made in the first month or two of ownership, and virtually no problems since then. The couple minor issues we HAVE had were handled quickly and without charge by Winnebago or its suppliers. I think I have invested $60.00 in “repairs and replacements” since purchase (a switch and an LP regulator). Winnebago has earned a loyal repeat customer with me.
– Scott, Arkansas

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Winnebago Solis

2021 Winnebago Solis 59PX
2021 Winnebago Solis 59P

Winnebago Solis is one of the company’s newer offerings. Released in 2020, the high-end camper van won RVBusiness’s 2021 award for ‘Must See RV’. Featuring two floorplans, a pop-up top (which provides sleeping space for two extra people), premium insulation, solar options for off-grid camping, and flexible seating, the Winnebago Solis is an impressive new addition to the Class B RV lineup.

So far, there are no reviews for the Winnebago Solis at our consumer review partner site, RVInsider.com. If you own a Winnebago Solis, consider writing a review to let your fellow campers know about your experience.

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Pleasure-Way Plateau

2021 Pleasure-Way Plateau FL
2020 Pleasure-Way Plateau TS

Pleasure-Way has been around for over 30 years, beginning in 1986 in Saskatchewan, Canada. Owner Merv Rumpel had been in the RV business for 18 years before he built his first Pleasure-Way Class B motorhomes in the back shop of his dealership. By 1988, they were shipping their RVs to multiple Canadian provinces via flatbed truck—a practice they still continue today, ensuring the new owners are the ones to break in their vehicle. Pleasure-Way’s popular Class B RVs now ship to dealerships all over North America.

In 2004, the Pleasure-Way Plateau was born. Built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis and featuring a Mercedes-Benz 2.7L Turbo Diesel engine, the Plateau is now their longest-running line. With features like Corian® countertops, a large bathroom, full-sized wardrobe and roomy galley area, the Plateau lets you enjoy the outdoors no matter where you are. To see what owners think of their Plateau, we checked out consumer reviews at our partner site RVInsider.com:

2019 Pleasure-Way Plateau XLTS: We are from Texas and purchased our Pleasureway Plateau XLTS new from Fretz RV in Souderton, Penn. It was our first RV, and it was a great experience. What we liked best about the coach was its ease of maneuvering in city streets and parking lots plus the smooth highway driving. I installed an extra rear view camera so we could monitor the traffic behind us. Set up and leaving the RV parks was easy with Pleasureway’s electric and plumbing ports. Inside the cabin the AC worked very well, and the fantastic fan was tremendous. The TS has the fold down sofa that turns into a queen bed, and sleeping was great. The Mercedes diesel engine performs perfectly with out any problems after 11K miles. The shower is perfect for me as I am over 6 feet tall. I would recommend this coach above all others of the ‘B’ class.

– James, Texas

2005 Pleasure-Way Plateau TS: This RV is mostly good for 2 people, easy to drive on the hwy or off road, can park anywere. Have all the comfort we need on the road. It is like home away from home….The ride on the passes in the mountains is like any other van… it is fantastic, we can go with a regular speed, no slowing down up the hills. We are driving under 3000 RPM. With this RV our traveling is as comfortable it can be.

 Margaret, California

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Thanks for taking a look at the top 5 Class B models that buyers have inquired about most with both Dealers and Private Sellers. We hope this is helpful as you choose an RV for your next travel adventure.

Do you have a favorite Class B model? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to share your experiences with your trailer and/or dealer on RVinsider.com.

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