Little homes come in all shapes. Some are RVs, some are just miniature houses, while others are boats! If full-time simple living drives your interest, focus on the two best options: RV park models and standard tiny houses.

Let’s go ahead and mention a few reasons why some people might avoid RVs and buy a little house:

• Tiny homes may be more appealing if you know you will never want to relocate.

• Some people want an unusual or highly custom exterior (like this hobbit house built into the earth)

Tiny homes come in literally any shape!

Tiny homes come in literally any shape!

• Tiny homes can be built with maximum eco-friendly features, as the Living Green column of points out.

However, for many people RV park models will always be more appealing. You get far more space and options compared to an Airstream trailer, so there are basically all the same benefits as buying a tiny house.

The drawbacks of tiny houses are also frequently solved by choosing an RV instead.

Reasons to Choose RV Park Models vs. Tiny Houses

RVs are built for both travel and living. Set aside your notions about RVs being unsuitable for full-time residences. Park models are those built for full-time life, long-term utility hookups, and everything you would want from both worlds:   

Legally in many states, yes, this is an RV a.k.a. a Park Model!

• Compared to tiny houses, RVs are less expensive and less difficult to move

• Built-in storage and amenities make full-time living easier to afford

• Stock design plus custom RV options are simply easier than finding a perfect tiny home or building one

• Legal concerns — tiny houses often secretly run afoul of tax and land regulations. Park model RVs have more established guidelines.

Here's the interior. Looks spacious!

Here’s the interior. Looks spacious!

• Nature-inspired, eco-friendly RV designs are just as exciting!   

There’s a lot to think about. First, take a look at some RV park models for sale to see what the market has to offer.

Those Pinterest galleries of tiny homes are fun to browse, but when decision time comes, doesn’t an RV just make more sense?

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